The ‘double car’ is two vehicles fused together for when you can’t decide who should drive

Twinning is winning.
    • This video of a double car, made from two vehicles fused together, is one of the weirdest cars we’ve ever seen
    • It’s a real Frankenstein’s Monster of a vehicle
    • It allows two drivers to take the wheel

Published on Feb 19, 2024 at 9:27PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Feb 20, 2024 at 1:40PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Kate Bain

If you’re arguing over who should drive – this double car, which is believe it or not two vehicles fused together, is the answer.

The Frankenstein’s Monster of a vehicle definitely looks like it was made by a DIY mechanic – and it allows for two drivers to take the wheel.

But it isn’t one we’d recommend trying for yourself – unlike this stunning dream home one man built out of two jets.

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“What if one turns to the right and the other to the left,” asked one confused commenter.

The car was shared to Instagram by @gunayyayinlari – and had a massive response.

In fact, it amassed 66.6K views since being posted three days ago.

Just make sure you’re both headed in the same direction.

Reminds us of the world’s lowest car.

This Fiat Panda that was cut in half by the ‘Carmagheddon’ group – who were also behind this car with a giant exhaust.

They showed off their crazy creation in some impressive footage

It appears the guys have managed to create the world’s smallest car by slicing below the windows of the Fiat Panda.

The bottom half of the vehicle has then been switched out for a go-kart, elevated by just four small wheels.

But despite being incredibly low to the ground, it drives just like any other car.

It seamlessly moves across gravel when put to the test, while making crowds gather in disbelief in the process.

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