The ultra-rare Rolex that Drake wore in his latest music video is up for sale

It's so rare that it isn't even included in any Rolex catalog.

by | Published on 14th Sep 2022

Keen watch enthusiasts won’t have missed the unusual Rolex that Drake wore in his latest music video “Staying Alive” with DJ Khaled.

The good news is the watch is for sale.

But naturally, it won’t come cheap.

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The piece is based on the Sky-Dweller, one of Rolex’s rarest and – some would say – most underrated models.

This particular version features a 42mm 18-karat white gold case.

Both the case and the bezel are set with plenty of diamonds.

More baguette-cut diamonds can be found on the dial, on each hour marker, and on the strap’s buckle which is also made of white gold.

The watch is so rare it isn’t even included in Rolex’s official catalog.

It was only produced in limited numbers for the Chinese market.


It is currently available from Diamond Watches London, with a hefty price tag of £400,000 – around $463,000.

But you can at least say you own a Rolex worn by none other than Drake.

About the Sky-Dweller

First launched in 2012, the Sky-Dweller is a dual-timezone wristwatch.

It bears 14 patents, including five that were developed just for this model.

Visually, the Sky-Dweller sets itself apart from other Rolexes thanks to the unique 24-hour disc in the centre of the dial.

It’s normally available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

About the music video

“Staying Alive” is a song by American DJ and record producer DJ Khaled, featuring Drake (and his diamond Rolex) and Lil Baby.

The song is also the first single from DJ Khaled’s thirteenth studio album God Did.

It includes an unmissable sample of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees.

The video was filmed at York University, and it stars DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, and of course Drake.

All three are dressed like surgeons and work at the fictional ‘Khaled Khaled Hospital’.



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