‘If I’m so smart, why did I pay so much for Twitter?’ Musk asks

Even Musk admits he massively overpaid for the platform.

by | Published on 21st Jun 2023

Elon Musk has just posed a somewhat tough question. 

Speaking at the VivaTech conference this week, Musk asked “if I’m so smart, why did I pay so much for Twitter then?”. 

It’s a good one because even Musk himself has admitted he massively overpaid for the platform.

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Musk then went on to explain his reasoning for wanting to buy Twitter, saying he wanted to make a bad thing good. 

“I was concerned Twitter was having a negative effect on civilization and corrosive effect on civil society, and anything that undermines civilization, I think, isn’t good,” he said. 

“I felt Twitter kept moving in a negative direction and my hope and aspiration was for it to be a positive force for civilization.” 

Since dropping $44 billion on the social platform in October, the billionaire argued he had done a lot of good.

“We’ve gotten rid of 90 percent of bots and scams and various bad things happening,” he said. 

“We [also] got rid of 95 percent of child exploitation material on Twitter, which was a shock to see… some of what was going on for 10 years.” 

Musk has also been responsible for getting rid of about 80 percent of Twitter’s workforce. 

Back in April, six months after he took over, Musk admitted he had laid off more than 6,000 people, taking the workforce from about 8,000 to just 1,500.

He said the decision was “not fun at all” but “drastic action” was needed to save the company. 

“This is not a caring [or] uncaring situation. It’s like, if the whole ship sinks, then nobody’s got a job,” he told the BBC. 

Amid the mass layoffs, Twitter, and Musk himself, were at the center of a social media storm, with the hashtag #RIPTwitter trending

Since then, Twitter has slowly seen advertisers return to the platform and its users start to get used to the many changes its new owner introduced. 



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