Top 10 coolest eVTOLs about to hit our skies

Flying cars are much closer than you might think. And these are the coolest and craziest ones out there.

Published on Jul 29, 2022 at 2:19PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jul 29, 2022 at 2:19PM (UTC+4)

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Manta ANN eVTOL Concept

While it once seemed like science fiction, our skies will soon be filled with flying vehicles thanks to the rise of the eVTOL.

All kinds of electric vehicles, capable of vertical take-off and landing, are currently being built and tested in different corners of the world.

So, we’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest upcoming eVTOLs.

Counting down from 10 to 1, this list includes everything from air taxis and private jets, to vehicles that look like flying saucers.

Ready for take off?

10. eVTOL flying car – Air One (2024)

Created by a company in Israel, the Air One is the eVTOL that appears closest to hitting the market at this stage.

Last month, the company revealed footage of a full-weight prototype successfully completing its first hover test.

With more testing in the works, the two-seater really could be ready to take flight in as early as 2024.

When it does hit the market, it’s set to be priced from $150,000.

Find out more about the Air One here.

9. Archer Maker (2024)

Supercar Blondie got to check the Maker by Archer at its official launch in Los Angeles last year.

You can see the full video above.

Featuring 12 electric motors, it can fly at speeds of up to 241km/h (150mph) and cover distances of 97km (60miles) on a single charge.

It also features gullwing doors to make getting in and out that bit more stylish.

Archer plans to put this eVTOL flying car into use as part of a ridesharing service in late 2024, and testing is already underway.

8. Zeva Zero (2024)

Without question, the Zeva Zero is the weirdest-looking eVTOL on this list.

After all, it looks just like a mini flying saucer.

It’s not huge, as it’s designed to carry just one person around.

It’s designed so you step into it normally when parked, but lay flat on your stomach when it’s in flight.

It will be powered by eight electric motors, and although it hasn’t been shown to fly horizontally, testing has shown it can hover vertically.

The company hopes it will be certified in 2023 ahead of it going on sale in 2024.

Find out all the details about this personal flying saucer here.

7. Suzuki SkyDrive SD-XX (2025)

Designed as part of a collaboration between Suzuki and SkyDrive, the SD-XX is one of the slower eVTOL models on this list.

It will only fly at speeds of 100km/h (62mph) and only for 19km (12mi) at a time.

But it looks cool, and it already has a firm release date.

Suzuki plans to have it in action for the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka, Japan where it will ferry attendees between venues.

Find out all the details of the Suzuki SkyDrive SD-XX by clicking here.

6. Lilium Jet (2025)

Designed as a quieter and more convenient alternative to a private jet, the debut model from Lilium is well on its way to production.

Just this month, the company signed an agreement with Diehl Aviation to design and provide interior materials and electronics.

Diehl supplies to the likes of Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier, so it’s a big step towards it hitting the skies.

With several companies already having placed orders for fleets of up to 50 examples of the Lilium Jet, it’s planned to enter commercial service in 2025.


5. Manta ANN (2026)

The Manta ANN is one of the most diverse eVTOL flying car models that we’ll see on the market.

Originally, it was designed with one, two, and four-seat models in mind.

Not only is it designed for personal use, but with emergency services in mind as well.

That’s why there’s a clever version the company is planning called the ANN Cargo.

This model is designed specifically with the job of rapidly delivering organ transplants.

Want to know more? Click here to read everything we know about the Manta ANN.

4. Volocopter VoloConnect (2026)

The VoloConnect from Volocopter is already one of the most advanced eVTOLs in the prototype stage.

Unlike many prototypes that are still tethered for safety, the VoloConnect is already able to fly forwards and sideways at speeds of up to 64km/h (40mph).

That puts the four-seater ‘air taxi’ well on its way to flying commuters in and out of cities at speeds of up to 259km/h (155mph).

Get all the details on the Volocopter here.

3. Supernal (2028)

The first eVTOL from Supernal isn’t due to hit the skies until 2028.

However, the Hyundai-owned company just recently showed off the interior design concept for its first model.

It uses a five-seat layout that accommodates a pilot and four passengers.

There are features that remind you of a car interior, including the centre consoles with wireless phone chargers, and the coat hooks on the back of the seats.

See more pics of the Supernal’s interior design here.

2. Wisk (2032)

California-based company Wisk is focused on using eVTOLs to develop an autonomous air taxi system.

The company just signed a memorandum of understanding with a local council in Queensland, Australia.

Why? Because in 2032, the Summer Olympics will be held in Brisbane.

Not only does it plan to ferry attendees around the games, it plans to create jobs in Australia as well.

1. eVTOL flying car – The Leo Coupe (TBC)

Although the Leo Coupe doesn’t have an official launch date just yet, it’s too cool to ignore.

It will basically be the supercar of the skies, able to hit speeds of up to 400km/h (250mph).

The immense speed is possible thanks to its six electric jet turbines.

This eVTOL flying car will be priced from $300,000 which is actually fairly reasonable for a machine with these capabilities.

Honorable mention: JetPack Aviation Speeder (2023)

This flying motorcycle only gets an honorable mention because it’s a VTOL. There’s no ‘e’ as it’s jet-powered, rather than electric.

However, with it currently undergoing testing – and rather successfully as its maker JetPack Aviation confirmed to us – it could be out by 2023.

Read our interview with JetPack Aviation’s director of training and entertainment here.

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