Man shares the one bizarre thing about his Ferrari that he can’t get his head around

This supercar owner is super confused about a detail on his Ferrari SF90 and it's got the internet divided.

by | Published on 27th Jul 2023

This Ferrari owner is super confused about a detail on his SF90 and it’s got the internet divided.

We know what you must be thinking, what is there to complain about when you own a Ferrari SF90?

Well, there’s one small feature of the model that’s got him (and half of TikTok) raising their eyebrow.

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Tomi (@tomiauto) shared a video to TikTok when he realized something was off about the badge on the back of his Ferrari.

“Everything looks normal, right? I just don’t get why this is like this though,” he said.

Tomi was pointing to the silver Ferrari badge, suggesting it was placed a little too high, making the horse’s head lift above the trunk and into the air.


I mean. I like it 🤣. That Ferrari pazazz 🤌🏾🤣

♬ original sound – TOMI

“Why didn’t they just lower it? There must be a reason, there must be a heritage thing,” he said.

“I find that pretty interesting, that they left the head of the horse… there.”

His comment section was divided, and even after hundreds of replies, the mystery was no closer to being solved.

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Many were just as baffled as the Tomi, while others theorized that it could have something to do with aerodynamics.

“It looks funny, but it channels the air around the badge, which is what is happening on the diffuser as well,” one person said.

Another said that the badge had the same bizarre placement on the 488 Pista, so there must be a good reason for it.

At least nobody is likely to notice the placement of the badge when you’re in a car that goes from 0 to 100mph in 4.4 seconds. 

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