Fiat 500e turned into the world’s smallest garbage truck

Of all the vehicles in the world to convert into a garbage truck, someone’s chosen to do it with a Fiat 500e, strapping a garbage bin to the back of it.

by | Published on 5th Apr 2023

A body kit, alloy wheels, maybe even an exhaust system; all common car modifications.

So, why would someone add a garbage bin to the back of a Fiat 500e?

That’s the question we’re desperately seeking the answer to.

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Don’t get us wrong, the Fiat 500e is a handy little car for nipping around town.

But someone’s gone to the trouble of converting the EV into the world’s smallest garbage truck.

That’s what it looks like from the picture we stumbled across online anyway.

Unfortunately, there’s only one picture and not much context to go with it.

But it appears the Fiat 500e is from the Netherlands which we can see from its license plates and the fact it’s posted to Dutch Facebook page, dumpert.nl.

Whether or not the garbage bin is functional is another question, but judging by the rubber seals along its edges, it could well be.

On the other hand, the garbage bin could have been attached to the back of the car to promote a location waste disposal business.

That being said, there’s no branding to suggest that’s the case, which you’d expect.

Compared to a regular garbage truck, the Fiat 500e garbage truck looks way better.

It goes without saying, though, that attaching a garbage bin to the back of the Fiat 500e is massively going to affect its aerodynamics.

That’ll mean its range will likely be reduced, too, which considering entry-level models with the 24 kWh battery can only travel 115 miles (185 km) on a charge.

There’s the option of a Fiat 500e with a larger 42 kWh battery, which sees the range increase to as much as 199 miles (320 km).

We’d like to say that the 500e garbage truck creation is the coolest 500e there is, but the Abarth 500e holds that title.

It’s the Italian sporting brand’s first EV – and it has 152bhp.

Looks wise, Abarth models always stand out from the crowd and the 500e is no different.

It features a wider, squared front end, lower side skirts, and a subtle rear lip.



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