First look inside Floyd Mayweather’s $10m Vegas mansion

He's kept his Las Vegas mansion incredibly private. Until now.

Published on Oct 12, 2023 at 4:09PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 12, 2023 at 8:27PM (UTC+4)

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Floyd Mayweather Las Vegas mansion

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is normally unafraid of showing off his extravagant lifestyle.

But it’s a different story with his Las Vegas mansion, with the former professional boxer-turned-property tycoon keeping it extremely private.

Until now.

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From his incredible all-black supercar collection to his wildly expensive private jet, Mayweather has been all too happy to share the fruits of his successes with fans.

And while he’s shared snippets of his mansion from the outside, we’ve never been invited in.

Now, thanks to brand-new footage posted by @fendlux, we’re getting a sneak peek inside the extravagant home for the first time.

And it’s exactly what you would imagine.


In a video just posted to Instagram, we can see Mayweather relaxing by his indoor pool.

An indoor pool is impressive in itself, but this one is a notch above the rest.

While the quality of the footage isn’t great, we can see the pool room is all black and white with beautiful, patterned tiles lining the floor.

But it’s the walls that scream luxury.

In the video, Floyd Mayweather is dipping his feet in the pool while watching TV on six different screens that line the back wall.

The only other time we’ve seen inside the house was when the 15 major world championship winner gave us a tour of his 30-car garage.

In the tour, he showed off his all-black supercar collection, saying “we got Ferraris, we got Lambos, we got a lot of different Rolls-Royces”.

He wasn’t exaggerating either, the former professional athlete showed 17 different supercars lined up in his home garage.

“I like to call it May Theft Auto,” he said.


Reactions to the collection were overwhelmingly positive, with his fans celebrating his success.

“This is the reward of decades of hard work and dedication, domination of your craft. Show off on ‘em Floyd,” one woman said.

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