Ford is celebrating the original Bronco with its new Heritage Edition

Published on Aug 12, 2022 at 12:02 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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Ford is celebrating the original Bronco with its new Heritage Edition

The Ford Bronco is one of the hottest new SUVs, and now for 2023, the company is throwing it back with new Heritage Edition models.

Just 1966 examples of the Heritage Limited Edition will be made to commemorate the first year the Ford Bronco was produced.

Standing out instantly on the new models is the two-tone paint scheme with an Oxford White removable roof and front grille.

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The stripes along the sides of the Bronco and the 17-inch wheels are also a matching white, while the ‘FORD’ lettering on the grille is finished in red.

The new trim levels are offered across the entire Bronco range, including both two-door and four-door body styles.

There’s also a steel front bumper and extra-wide fender flares to round out its looks.

Standard Heritage models are based on the Bronco Big Bend, and feature the 300hp 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbo engine.

The Heritage Limited, meanwhile, is based on the Badlands model and has a 330hp 2.7-liter V6.


It stands out with black 17-inch wheels and a white front lip for even more retro charm.

The ‘Sasquatch Package’ is also standard on both, which adds Bilstein suspension and 35-inch mud tires.

Heritage Limited models are available exclusively in Robin’s Egg Blue paint at launch.

Yellowstone Metallic (based on 1971’s Prairie Yellow) and Peak Blue are planned for availability later in the year.

The Bronco Heritage is priced from $44,305, while the Bronco Heritage Limited will cost $66,895.

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Edition

The smaller Bronco Sport SUV is also being offered with the same Heritage treatment as well.

Similarly to the big Bronco, the Bronco Sport will feature an Oxford White roof, grille, wheels, and side stripes.

Also the same is the fact the Heritage is based on the Big Bend trim level, while the Heritage Limited is based on the Badlands.

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This means the Heritage packs a 181hp 1.5-liter engine, and the Heritage Limited has a more potent 250hp 2.0-liter engine.

However, the Bronco Sport Heritage Limited comes with far more off-road enhancements including 29-inch all-terrain tires and a locking rear differential.

It also has the G.O.A.T. Modes system – because it “Goes Over Any Type of Terrain” – with seven different settings.

The Bronco Sport Heritage is the cheapest Heritage Edition model available at $34,245.

The Bronco Sport Heritage Limited starts at $44,655.

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