Former Apple employee says there’s only one real way to save your iPhone’s battery

It's probably not what you expect.

  • An ex-Apple employee has spoken out on how to preserve your iPhone battery life
  • They might just surprise you
  • Spoiler alert: the first one is a joke

Published on Mar 1, 2024 at 7:16PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 4, 2024 at 3:30PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Adam Gray

An ex-Apple employee has spoken out on hacks to help save your iPhone battery life – and they might just surprise you.

His first tip might surprise you as he opens with: “Wanna save battery on your iPhone? Break your iPhone.”

He clarifies that this tip only applies if you’re paying for AppleCare+.

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You should probably check that you’re covered before you go dropping it from a great height.

Although even then it might not break.

The plan entitles iPhone owners to cheap or free repairs and, as Tyler Morgan explains to his 1.3 million TikTok followers.

It could get you a free battery replacement if your phone is broken.

Thankfully he has some less risky advice on how to extend your battery’s life if it’s started losing charge more quickly than usual.

If your iPhone is starting to lose its charge more quickly than you’d like, there might be one very easy way to fix that, according to an ex-Apple employee.

First up, turning off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even cellular connectivity will help when you’re not using them.

This will stop your phone constantly scanning for new networks or devices to connect to.

His next tip might surprise you and change the way you use your phone forever: avoid charging your phone if you don’t actually need to.

If you go to bed with your phone still at a reasonable level, Morgan recommends leaving it overnight rather than leaving it to charge excessively as you sleep.

That’s because charging your phone to 100 percent can have the opposite effect – keep it at a max of 80 percent.

In fact, iPhone 15 models have a function to limit the percentage that the smartphone will charge to.

In your Settings app, go into ‘Battery Health and Charging’, ‘Charging Optimization’ and you can choose between ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ and ‘80% limit’.

Obviously, if you have an earlier model of the iPhone without that functionality, you can simply keep an eye on it as it charges.

Charging to full capacity is fine once in a while – especially if you’re going to be out without power for a long time – just avoid doing it daily.

While the obvious solution might seem like turning your iPhone off to save battery – it turns out that’s not the obvious win you might think it is.

“They’re not designed to be turned off for extended periods of time,” he advises.

He also reveals that, despite rumors to the contrary, turning off background apps won’t help you save juice.

Similarly, it was recently revealed that putting your iPhone in rice is a bad idea.

It’s more like an internet search history of your recently-used apps.

Turning off your ‘Background App Refresh’, however, might help you see an improvement in your phone’s battery life.

Viewers in the comment section were divided.

“Good tips but honestly not worth it, just charge your phone however you want, life’s to short to stress over a battery,” one said.

“Why not charge to 100 I paid for 100% of the battery I will use 100%”.

The Apple UK support page clearly states: “AppleCare+ products are available only for iPhone and its original included accessories.

“Both AppleCare+ products provide protection against (i) batteries that retain less than 80% of their original capacity, and (ii) unlimited incidents of accidental damage.”

If you really want a battery that lasts, Energizer has unveiled a phone with battery that can ‘last for a whole week’ on a single charge.

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