Friends take their car out for a spin in a real-life carpool

  • These guys managed to build a literal ‘carpool’
  • The whole car was filled with water
  • The stunt has attracted quite a bit of attention online

Published on Jun 27, 2024 at 6:56 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

Last updated on Jun 28, 2024 at 11:52 AM (UTC+4)
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Many people see a benefit to a carpool, but these friends took it to the next level.

In a video that went viral on X, three guys are seen enjoying a real-life carpool – or should that be pool car?

Whatever, we mean that they’re sat in a car that’s filled with water.

This is something that has to be seen to be believed.

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Creating a literal carpool

Content creator Slobnaz shared a video showing the carpool in action.

He is sprawled out in the back, sitting in water that comes up to his stomach.

Plastic film has been used to cover the chairs and windows.

One of his pals sits alongside him, chilling out.

In the driver’s seat is another friend, but he is closed off from the water by the film.

So many questions.

First of all – how cold is the water?

Secondly, how do you empty that car afterwards without getting the car’s interior soaked?

The best guess would be that you don’t.

Finally, why is he wearing socks in water?

There’s nothing worse than soggy socks.

Regardless, his inventive stunt won him a lot of kudos online, and his followers praised him for his creativity.

One remarked: “Bro, this is the life I’ve always wanted. Me and my bros in this f***ing pool in my car.”

“Such a genius idea!” another gushed.

There were – of course – some valid questions raised about the efficiency of such transportation.

One skeptic asked: “What happens if you get pulled over?”, whilst another commented: “I’d hate to see an emergency stop in that thing.”

But on the whole, people could appreciate the creativity.

It’s not the first time guys have used their imaginations to make something great out of their cars.

In fact, another man was also inspired to combine water and cars – though perhaps in a more practical way.

Alaeddin Qassemi was an Iranian scientist who made headlines when he figured out how to power his car with water.

According to Qassemi, power was generated when the H2O was split into hydrogen and oxygen. 

This process created a chemical reaction that produced the energy required to power the car. 

The Peugeot he used had a 60-liter tank and could drive up to 900km or 10 hours on a full tank.

I think I’d take that over being soaked to the bone in a real-life carpool.

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