Scientist invents car that runs on water and creates zero air pollution

The invention has people seriously worried for the most bizarre reason.

by | Published on 15th Aug 2023

Remember when this Iranian scientist figured out how to power his car with water? 

His name was Alaeddin Qassemi and he made headlines for running his Peugeot on nothing but the water from his garden hose.

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According to Qassemi, power was generated when the H2O was split into hydrogen and oxygen. 

This process created a chemical reaction that produced the energy required to power the car. 

The Peugeot he used had a 60-liter tank and could drive up to 900 kms or 10 hours on a full tank.

Of course without petrol, the water-powered car produced zero air pollution. 

Instead, it emitted just water vapor. 

And better yet, the price to fill the tank and run the car is no more expensive than the cost of the water.

Since first making headlines, Qassemi’s invention has raised a healthy amount of skepticism. 

Some scientists argued the process of splitting hydrogen and oxygen from water was unlikely achievable in a car. 

But that’s not what was being debated on social media.

Users were less concerned about whether or not the water-powered car was legit, and were more worried about Qassemi himself. 

People urged the inventor to be careful because “if you interrupt big business, you die”. 

“The powers that be won’t allow this,” one said. 

“This guy’s about to ‘disappear’,” another added.

You can watch the Press TV news report here:

Qassemi’s not the only one claiming to have figured out the secret to cheap fuel. 

The guys from @MrIndianHacker posted a video to YouTube earlier this year showing how they powered a motorbike with water

In the video, we see the guys pouring a container of water directly into the fuel tank before kickstarting it. 

While the engine doesn’t rev to life immediately, it eventually works and the guys take the bike for a spin. 



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