Tiktoker shares incredible tips on how to save huge money on your car insurance

She says just one of these hacks saves her hundreds of dollars every year.

by | Published on 14th Aug 2023

This woman is revealing exactly how you can save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance. 

Motoring expert Abigayle Andre has taken to TikTok to share her top eight tips for how to get the best deal on your car insurance each year. 

And you don’t need to jump through a bunch of hoops either, these hacks are super simple once you know about them.

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1. When to buy it  

“This is a car insurance hack I wish I knew years ago,” she said. 

Abigayle said there was a ‘sweet spot’ and that was buying your car insurance 23 to 26 days in advance. 

“Literally this one little thing that costs you no money, just a bit of planning, could save you hundreds,” she said. 

“I know because I’ve done it.” 

She said it saved her between £200-£300 ($250-$380) each year.


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2. Experiment with your named driver 

“Sometimes you’d be surprised, a learner driver can even bring your car insurance down,” she said. 

“Just experiment with different people that you know.” 

3. Think about where you park 

“You might think it will be cheaper to park in your garage, but that’s not always true,” she said. 

“Try parking on the road and see how that changes things.” 

4. Your job title 

Abigayle said the price of your insurance can change depending on your job title. 

She urged drivers to use the job-picking tool from Money Saving Expert to find a job title that would bring their premium down but still suit what they do for a living. 

5. Shop around 

This might seem like an obvious one, but Abigayle said it was a surefire way to save some cash. 

“Shop around, try comparison sites, it’s a bit of leg work, but you’ve got to work to save money,” she said. 

6. Multi-car policy 

If you live with another driver, it might actually help your back pocket. 

“If somebody in your household has got a car that’s insured, find out if their insurer does a multi-car policy,” she said.


✅How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance In The UK… 👉Car insurance in the UK has risen by 40% this year. Here are my top tips to get the best price… ✅ 1. Buy your car insurance in advance – 23-26 days is the optimal time to buy. ✅ 2. Add a named driver ✅ 3. Think about WHERE you park. Insurance works on statistics, not what you logically think is safer. Sometimes parking on the road works out cheaper for your insurance ✅ 4. Choose your job title carefully Use the job picker tool on the money saving expert website to describe what you do in a way that could lower your insurance 👉 ALWAYS be honest. Would you describe what you did as a job to a friend using this title? ✅5. Shop around Always get multiple quotes for the same car and level of cover to make sure you’re getting the best deal. I recommenr using comparison sites AND going to insurer’s directly ✅ 6. Multi car policy – If someone in your household has a car insured, does their insurer offer multi-car discount? It’s worth an ask! ✅ 7. Put your driving licence number into the quote – it saved me £20! ✅ 8. Pay in full if you can – this saves you hundreds as paying monthly adds interest to your premium. Also getting the quote as annual and then looking at the monthly payments can sometimes save you money. REMEMBER: Always be honest and don’t lie or withold information on your policy. It could lead to your insurance being invalidated or cancelled. 👉 Want more money saving motoring tips? ✅ Sign up for my FREE newsletter now – you’ll get an email every Monday 6pm UK time with everything you need to know that week… From car insurance money saving tips, to fuel saving tips, discount codes and more! 🙏 #carinsurance #ukcar #ukcars #carsuk #ukdrivers #carinsurancetips #carinsuranceuk #cheapcarinsurance #cheapcarinsuranceuk #moneysavingtipsuk #ukcarinsurance

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7. Add your driving license 

Abigayle, who goes by SheTalksCars on TikTok, urged drivers to add their driving license number when paying. 

“No one ever wants to do this, but it saved me 20 quid (£20, ed), and that’s 20 quid better in your pocket than someone else’s,” she said. 

8. Pay in one go 

“It’s not possible for everybody, but if you can, pay it in one go,” she said. 

“It’s always cheaper by hundreds because you’re paying no interest.” 



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