This is the full list of accessories available for the Tesla Cybertruck

  • Tesla likes to keep its EVs minimal
  • They’ve made an exception for the Cybertruck with dozens to choose from
  • From a funny decal to rough-and-ready solutions for loading and offloading – there’s something for every owner

Published on Dec 08, 2023 at 3:49 AM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

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This is the full list of accessories available for the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla usually likes to keep its EVs minimal, but they’re made an exception for the recently launched Tesla Cybertruck.

The most hyped truck ever finally dropped last week (4 December) after a four year wait.

The rear-wheel drive model costs $69,990 while the all-wheel drive version will set you back $79,000.

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Then a third version, the range-topping model dubbed ‘Cyberbeast’ is priced at $99,990.

Musk previously stated that he predicts it would take Tesla around 18 months to get the Cybertruck production to 5,000 units per week.

But if you’ve got your name down for the 845bhp range-topper, there are the optional accessories for the Tesla Cybertruck you can check out while you wait.

Glass roof sunshade

Cost: $115

A retractable lightweight mesh frame that comes complete with a zip pouch for stowing it away when the weather gets gloomy.

Easy to install and remove the brand claim it can block “two thirds of luminous transmittance without compromising rearward visibility.”

Carpet interior mats

Cost: $155

At the cheaper end, they offer cushioned floor protection with a thick, durable pile that comes treated for stain and soil resistance.

All-weather interior liners

Cost: $295

100% recyclable and free from cadmium, lead, latex and PVC, these all-weather interior liners use thermoplastic elastomer materials for superior protection.

Featuring vertical walls, their coverage surpasses traditional floor mats.

Made using groundbreaking digital measurements, they feature an exclusive pattern by Tesla Design Studio.

Tailgate ramp

Cost: $400

This tri-fold ramp makes loading and unloading up to 750 lbs easier and safer.

Made from lightweight and durable powder-coated aluminum, it can be stored in the gear locker or truck bed when not in use.

Tesla Basecamp

Cost: $2,975

Not the cheapest of the Tesla Cybertruck accessories, it’s a pop-up tent you can attach to the back of the truck to turn the Cybertruck bed into a bed you can actually sleep in.

It also provides a roof extension, which is large enough to provide cover from the rain for two people sitting around a table.


Cost: $800

Dropping early 2024, this space saver with telescopic engineering allows for easy integration and installation.

It will allow you to truly maximise storage space in the already spacious Tesla Cybertruck.

T-slots mean compatible attachments can easily be mounted so you can bring the ski or bike racks and cargo boxes with you.

L-track hooks

Cost: $25

Provides flexible tie-down points to anchor rope, hooks, carabiners and more anywhere on the truck bed’s L-track.

With a lightweight and minimalist design, they’re crafted from the Tesla Cybertruck’s signature powder-coated die-cast aluminum.

L-track cleat

Cost: $25

Mount anywhere along the truck bed’s L-track and you’ve got flexible tie-down points to anchor ropes, toe straps, O-rings or whatever you need.

Minimalist and, again, created from the Tesla Cybertruck’s signature powder-coated die-cast aluminum.


Cost: $40

Secure attachments to anchor gear on the go, they’re forged from a sturdy alloy steel.

Featuring 90-degrees of rotation and a fold-flat design, there are ten points on the truck bed to install them.

OMFG decal

Cost: $55

This limited-edition window decal turns a gaffe into a laugh.

Inspired by the Cybertruck stunt gone wrong that made us all cringe – at least Musk can see the funny side now.

Vault cargo divider 

Cost: $350

Constructed from lightweight, yet rigid aluminum, this divider offers both additional utility and security.

It can be installed at many points on the L-track for flexibility and the molle panel allows loose equipment to be secured.

Molle panels

Cost: $250

Additional and vertical storage for the Tesla Cybertruck’s inner wall – it’s compatible with standard molle attachments for weight up to 100 lbs.

Vault cargo bins

Cost: $225

Sold in a triple set with space for six in the Tesla Cybertruck truck bed – if anything will help you get organised, these will.

Waterproof, easy to clean and designed for a safe and secure fit, just pack and go.

Gear lock dividers

Cost: $45

Section off the gear locker for better organisation of kit, tools or whatever else you’re packing.

Designed to lock into place, there are three configurations to choose from.

Bumper protectors

Cost: $80

Protect the rear of your Tesla Cybertruck from scratches and scuffs with this thin, yet durable rubber liner.

They blend seamlessly into the bumper while offering protection while loading and offloading heavy loads.

Spare tyre and tool kit

Cost: $1,250

Takes the stress out of swapping a tire no matter where you are without the need for roadside assistance.

A four-ton hydraulic bottle jack lifts your truck into position while you get the job done.

What’s more, the spare fits securely in the truck vault, while the tool kit stows in the gear locker.

Air compressor ultra and tyre repair kit

Cost: $550

Available from early 2024, this will let you quickly top off your tires to the recommended air-pressure levels.

Digital controls allow you to be even more precise.

Snow chains

Cost: $345

While the crash test was reassuring – why take chances?

The König XD-16 Pro snow chain gives the Tesla Cybertruck unrivalled traction in slippy conditions.

What’s more, it will give driving comfort and performance a boots when you need it most in ice and snow.

A breeze to install and go, it features a patented micro-regulation system for self-tensioning on Cybertruck’s 20″ wheels.

Cyber wheel cover 

Cost: $75

The original, the best, and sold individually, you’ll need four of these individual replacements to make a full. set.


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