Hollywood is making a ‘Gran Turismo’ movie – and it’s got a legit plotline

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A screenshot of a car in Gran Turismo 7.

The Gran Turismo series is getting a movie adaption, which is kind of strange for a video game with no real plot.

But that hasn’t stopped Hollywood before, which has managed to turn Lego and Angry Birds into successful films.

And this week we’ve got our first glimpse into what the plot of the Gran Turismo movie will be.

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According to Deadline, the movie will be based on a true story of a teenage Gran Turismo player whose skills behind the virtual wheel earn them a spot as a pro racing driver in real life.

There’s no mention of which real gamer the plot is based on, but there are a few potentials out there.

In 2008, Polyphony Digital teamed up with Sony and Nissan to start the GT Academy – where gamers play Gran Turismo and the winners get the chance to become real racing drivers.

It finished in 2016 and some of the winners went on to have success in various competitions around the world.

The Gran Turismo movie will be directed by Neill Blomkamp for Columbia pictures.

Blomkamp you will remember from his awesome 2009 flick District 9.

There’s no word on who will actually star in the movie yet, but it’s got a release date of August 11, 2023.

Jason Hall is reportedly the screenwriter – he was nominated for an Acadamy award for his American Sniper screenplay.

Movie adaptions of video games

Gran Turismo is the latest in a long line of Hollywood movies based on video games.

But we think this might be the first one based on racing cars.

The latest effort was the Uncharted movie with Spiderman’s Tom Holland – which copped some horrific reviews but apparently still made a few hundred million bucks.

Jim Carrey’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has worldwide box-office receipts north of $330 million, so there’s plenty of interest in video game adaptions.

And there is a stack of others on the way.

A Minecraft movie is in the works, along with Borderlands, Metal Gear Solid, and a sequel to the most recent Mortal Kombat.


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