‘Never trust the herd!’ Driver captures hilarious highway fail on his dash cam

In this week’s installment of Idiots in Cars, we have an absolute banger. 

by | Published on 30th May 2023

In this week’s installment of Idiots in Cars, we have an absolute banger.

A motorist has managed to capture a line of about 70 cars lined up and waiting to take an exit off the highway. 

But unbeknownst to them, they’re actually lined up behind a car that’s broken down.

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The crazy thing is that the cars are all lined up on the shoulder of the road, it’s not even a real lane, but none of the drivers seem to notice. 

About half way through the video, a sign for the next exit, Christies Road, says it’s still 1km away too.

So, these cars believe they’re lining up for an exit that’s jammed up for at least a kilometer. 

Since the video was first posted to Reddit, it’s garnered thousands of likes and hilarious comments.

Some took a practical approach, trying to figure out how exactly the situation came about.

“I would think it’s a known choke point and everyone is just assuming it’s really bad today,” they said.

“It really started with one idiot if we think about it. Gets behind the broken down vehicle and others follow suit being clueless,” another said. 

“The first couple wanted to help I assume, but I can’t fathom what all the other morons were thinking. Especially the truckers who could probably have seen far enough to know better.” 

Others took a more lighthearted approach. 

“Those are all his homies helping to jump the car,” one guy said.

Another joked it was “all dads down the line” asking the driver if they remembered to check the oil.

“Some construction workers happened to be passing. One to help, 150 to supervise,” another quipped.

One man pointed out just how difficult it would be to try to get out of the situation they were in. 

“I’d probably choose to reverse back a bit on the hard shoulder so then you can use it to get back up to speed and merge in safely,” they said. 

But another pointed out how difficult this would be. 

“The problem is there are lanes on both sides and cars behind,” they said. 

You can watch the full vid here:

And they’re not wrong, once you’re stuck in that kind of situation, it would be pretty difficult to get out. 

But even if these drivers could merge back into traffic, it looks like they have no idea they need to. 



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