How much Mr Beast owes after offering two strangers $500k to survive 100 days trapped together

The two didn't expect so many crazy twists when they entered the challenge.
  • MrBeast’s latest stunt involved two strangers and a white room
  • He challenged them to live in it for 100 days
  • Of course, in true MrBeast style, there were a number of twists along the way

Published on Dec 18, 2023 at 5:15PM (UTC+4)

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How much MrBeast owes two strangers he put in a room for 100 days
MrBeast / YouTube

MrBeast has pulled off another wild stunt.

He told two strangers he would pay them $500,000 if they could stay in one room for 100 days.

As always with his challenges, it wasn’t as simple as that.

After 100 days, the two walked out with not quite the amount they had in mind.

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MrBeast likes to give away money as much as he likes to make it.

And he certainly makes enough money to support his crazy ideas now that he’s the world’s biggest YouTuber.

When not doing things like putting a Lamborghini in a hydraulic press, the YouTuber likes to put people in extreme situations.

He recently paid a man $10,000 for every day he could live alone in a grocery store.

His latest feat involved two perfect strangers, a white cube, and $500,000.

MrBeast introduced Suzie and Bailey, and then left them alone in a white room for 100 days.

If they both survived, they’d each walk away with $250,000.

But if one of them left before 100 days, neither would get any cash.

The room had two beds, no windows, a private bathroom and enough food to last them 100 days.

But that was it.

The two were left to entertain themselves, making a deck of cards out of paper and building forts out of their tins of food.

They had to eat the same thing every day, and the lights were permanently set to ‘blindingly bright’.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a MrBeast challenge if there weren’t a couple of twists along the way.

Every ten days he showed up to tempt them with a treat that would cost a significant amount of their potential prize money.

On Day 10 they were offered a private chef to cook them every meal.

For Day 20 the two had the chance to buy beds and a dimmer switch for the lights for $50,000.

Despite eating unseasoned chicken every day and their eyes stinging from the lights, the duo turned both offers down.

They eventually cracked on Day 30, buying the entire Harry Potter book collection and a coffee machine for $20,000.

MrBeast offered them a TV and every movie in the Walmart film aisle on Day 40, which they also declined.

He left the TV behind to remind them of what they’d lost.

What he didn’t predict was Bailey making an antenna out of some random wires and tuning it into a racing channel.

“I’ve never really been a fan but today all of a sudden we’re huge race car fans,” Bailey said.

The lowest point had to be on Day 60 when they turned down the chance to buy a mystery box for $50,000.

It was revealed that inside was another $50,000, plus the keys to two Teslas.

“I will regret this forever,” Suzy said

Bailey was a bit more stoic.

“I like my Prius.”

The two passed the time with relatively no drama, apart from the time Suzie hid the Monopoly dice because she couldn’t bear to play another game.

When the last day finally came around MrBeast added another twist.

The two could choose to either split the money, as agreed, or steal.

If one of them chose to steal while the other chose to split, the ‘robber’ would walk away with all of the money.

But if both of them chose to steal they would both leave empty-handed.

Luckily neither were willing to take that risk and they chose to split.

While they did spend a portion of their cash on luxuries, MrBeast is still down $359,899.

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