These guys just built a DIY Hummer boat and the results are hilarious

With a couple of pontoons bolted to each side and a motor welded to the back, the guys take it out for a spin on the lake... and the results are epic.

by | Published on 9th Jun 2023

These guys just turned their Hummer into a boat and their crazy idea actually worked. 

Ryan Iwerks from CboysTV said he had been trying to sell his 2005 Hummer for ages, but was getting no bites. 

“Last winter I picked up this Hummer and I was trying to prove my friends wrong that it wasn’t a total turd wagon,” Ryan said, 

“I can’t sell it so I figured why not turn it into a boat?”

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So, Ryan and his friends decided to do just that. 

The plan was to bolt a couple of pontoons to the side of the Hummer and weld a motor to the back. 

“The Hummer weighs 8,500 pounds so it’s probably the worst vehicle that we could choose to do this with because it’s so heavy,” they said.

With each pontoon rated to roughly 3,500 pounds of buoyancy, the guys decided to bolt four of them on, with two on each side. 

When they attached them, they made sure they were elevated about six inches off the ground so the Hummer would still have enough clearance to drive. 

In other words, they wanted to make it amphibious.

With a 115-horsepower Tiller motor at the back and two pontoons on either side, the Hummer boat measured a massive 17 feet wide. 

And with everything prepped and ready to go, it was time to put it to the test. 

So, with Ryan behind the wheel and his mate manning the motor at the back, they drove the Hummer into the lake.

It was a resounding success, which shocked the guys. 

“It’s working, I cannot believe this is happening right now,” they said. 

“I can’t tell you how wrong it feels to look over a hood and just see water, it’s kind of like a nightmare, you feel like you’re just going to sink.”

While it worked perfectly, the Hummer boat got up to a top speed of about 10 mph. 

“It’s not made for speed, it’s made for pleasure,” they said. 

“Hummers aren’t very aerodynamic and they’re not very water dynamic either, this thing cuts through the water like a brick.”

Make sure you check out the full vid!

Albeit slow, the DIY Hummer boat was a crazy success. 

“If the Hummer can do it, any vehicle can,” they said.

And they’re probably right.



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