Hyundai develops indoor car lighting tuned to the driver’s mood

Driven by emotion.
  • The lighting system is featured in the newest IONIQ 6
  • It adjusts the color, brightness, and display of the interior car lights
  • The system monitors the driver’s heart rate and stress level

Published on Mar 24, 2024 at 9:35AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 25, 2024 at 7:38PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Tom Wood

Hyundai Mobis Co. has developed a system that adjusts the interior car lights, according to the driver’s mood.

It seems the company has taken the slogan ‘driven by emotion’ quite literally with their latest innovation.

The system is designed to change interior car lights based on a driver’s mood and physical condition to improve driving safety. 

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Hyundai Motor recently launched the IONIQ 6 EV car, which features a new lighting system.

The human-centric lighting system senses a user’s biorhythm and driving environment.

After that, it adjusts the color, brightness, and display of the interior car lights as needed.

So, if your emotions are all over the place or you are anxious, the EV car may look like it’s coming straight from the club.

The EV car may even end up looking like these Cadillac Escalades covered in Disco lights.

Hyundai is the world’s sixth-largest auto parts maker.

The company hopes to expand its presence in the future mobility sector with its newest innovation.

The system even makes the EV car look like a futuristic spaceship, just like this customized Tesla.

The interior car lights use both software and hardware to monitor the driver’s mood and adjust accordingly.

For example, the driver’s heart rate and the number of times they blink are monitored by the onboard system of the car.

The system will use steering wheel-embedded sensors and in-vehicle cameras to interpret how the driver feels.

It will then generate 64 different lighting patterns after observing the driver’s biorhythm, health condition, and the external environment.

These interior car lights could help the IONIQ 6 compete with the top 5 cars in the world with ambient lighting.

The EV car will also check the driver’s stress level, by analyzing their heart rate or rate of eye blinking.

After that, it will change the lights to red, if stress is detected, or turn green when no stress is detected.

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