Hyundai’s walking car is on its way to becoming a reality

The Korean brand’s walking car, also known as Elevate, has a combination of wheels and legs, meaning it will be able to go where no other truck or car can.

by | Published on 13th Jul 2023

Self-driving cars and flying cars are already a thing.

Now it appears we could be getting a walking car too.

Korean brand Hyundai has been developing an Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) since 2019.

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A patent, filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office, suggests Hyundai’s walking car could soon become a reality.

With both wheels and legs, Hyundai says the UMV – also known as Elevate – will be able to go where no other vehicle can.

By all accounts it’s a nifty bit of kit which, when in “walking” mode, can traverse tricky terrain and steep elevations.

Not only that, but it can move sideways, move around obstacles, and even “jump” over gaps.

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The walking car is being described as highly adaptable and useful for “senile mobility” and even “search and rescue” missions.

Other versions of the walking car are on the cards, too, including a larger version big enough for passengers, and an “unmanned” version for exploration and goods delivery.

No doubt you’re wondering why Hyundai’s developing a walking car.

If truth be told, when it comes to technology, the Korean automaker is always looking for the next big thing.

It recognizes mobility is changing, and rather than waiting for consumer demand, it’s anticipating what customers and individuals will require in the near future.

For example, its walking car could be used by emergency services in terrain that’s too tricky for an SUV.

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An image preview from Hyundai shows it being used as a taxi, raising itself to meet a wheelchair-bound passenger at their door.

Really, the possibilities are endless.



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