World’s largest cruise ship five times bigger than Titanic about to set sail

The 'Icon of the Seas', the world's largest cruise ship, has seven swimming pools in total and is five times larger than the Titanic.
  • The world’s largest ship is nearly one mile long
  • Named the Icon of the Seas, it is five times larger than the Titanic
  • She has seven swimming pools in total and even features the world’s largest waterpark at sea

Published on Nov 28, 2023 at 8:41PM (UTC+4)

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world's largest cruise ship, featured image

This is the Icon of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship by miles.

Almost literally, as it turns out, because the Icon of the Seas is very nearly a mile long.

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Launched by Royal Caribbean Cruises, the world’s largest cruise ship dwarfs other ocean liners.

It has a gross tonnage of 250,800, making the Icon of the Seas five times larger than the Titanic.

Royal Caribbean says the ship is large enough to accommodate 5,600 passengers and 2,350 crew members.

The company also added that the ship will feature everything you possibly can imagine, “from the resort getaway to the beach escape and theme park adventure”.

It even features the world’s largest waterpark at sea and seven swimming pools in total.

In addition to this, Icon of the Seas will offer “more than 40 ways to dine, drink and be entertained”.

The ship’s maiden voyage is just weeks away.

Royal Caribbean is gearing up to launch the first cruise in 2024 in Miami.

The company has already said they intend to build two sister ships by 2026.

And the price?

This may be the world’s largest cruise ship, but it isn’t the most expensive.

That particular title current belongs to the Regent Seven Seas Mariner – the world’s first all-suite ship.

The least expensive trip available on the Mariner starts at – wait for it – $100,000.

People are even living onboard cruise ships now, with a couple living out their dream life after selling their home and buying a $2.5 million cabin.

What’s more, a Meta employee bought a six-figure apartment on a cruise ship so he can work from home whilst exploring the world.

As for the Icon of the Seas, the price is a lot more reasonable.

The cheapest seven-day cruise you can book starts at $1,700 and it’ll take you to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

Even the most expensive one is still sort of affordable, setting you back $1,900 for a 7-day journey to Mexico, the Bahamas and then back to Miami.

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