Insurance expert reveals why you should always reverse park

"It happened to me, and now I always back in when parking," one viewer revealed.

by | Published on 12th Jul 2023

An insurance expert has revealed why you should always reverse park.

In a detailed video, Dan Ufer explained that you should always reverse in because if not, you will automatically be found responsible for any accident. 

“If you’re reversing, you are 100 percent always at fault,” he said.

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Ufer explained that “if one vehicle is driving out and one is reversing out and they collide in the middle, the reversing vehicle’s always going to be at fault”. 

But what if you collide when you’re both reversing?

Ufer said that’s what’s referred to as an ‘each bear own’ claim. 

Simply put, it means each driver is responsible for fixing the damage caused to their own car.

The video unsurprisingly garnered thousands of likes and comments. 

Some said they could vouch for the advice because it happened to them. 

“I learned this the hard way,” one guy said. 

“This is true. It happened to me, and now I always back in when parking,” another said. 

“I was backing out and a car sped through the lot and ran into the side of my car… and I was [found] at fault,” a third said.

Others said they always reversed into car parks, but it wasn’t for this reason. 

“I reverse in because I’m better than all the people that can’t,” one guy said. 

“I reverse in to assert my dominance amongst other drivers”. 

A woman commented, saying she always reversed in so she could “get away fast” if she ever found herself in danger. 

Some drivers thanked Ufer for his sage advice but admitted it might not be so easy for them to implement it. 

“Great tip! Now just to master the reverse parking,” one user said.

One person joked they would “probably hit a car trying to reverse park”. 

“So what happens when you get into the accident when you’re going into the space?” another asked. 

You can watch the full vid here!

The video was made by an insurance broker in Australia, so make sure you’re across the rules where you live. 

But regardless of location, probably start reversing into your parking spaces just to be safe. 



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