People are calling this the most painful parking attempt ever 

'Every turn of the wheel is the exact opposite of what is needed at that moment.'

by | Published on 2nd Jun 2023

A video of someone attempting to park their car has gone viral and it has people in stitches. 

The video was posted to the Reddit group ‘Idiots in Cars’, and well, it’s exactly where it belongs. 

In the video, which is captured by a neighboring car’s dash cam, the driver can be seen attempting to nose their car into the free spot.

Worst parking attempt ever caught on video
MegaSiege3 / Reddit

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It doesn’t take long to realize the driver unfortunately has very little spacial awareness or understanding of how the steering wheel controls the tires. 

When the driver first angles their car into the spot, it’s pretty obvious their plan of attack isn’t going to work. 

The driver goes in super close to the Chevy pickup truck to their right, not giving them anywhere near a wide enough birth. 

They then reverse and go in for a second parking attempt. 

This is when they hit the truck… for the first time.

So, they reverse back again but unfortunately hit the truck for a second time. 

The driver attempts to angle their vehicle into the spot another couple of times, but instead of creating more room for themselves, they hit the pickup truck every time without fail. 

After three more attempts, the car is almost fused together with the pickup. 

Unsurprisingly, the video has Reddit users seriously shaking their heads in confusion.

“Every turn of the wheel is the exact opposite of what is needed at that moment,” one guy said. 

“It’s actually impressive how bad they did.” 

Another person agreed, saying “getting the wrong answer 100% of the time is sometimes just as impressive as 100% right”.

Watch the full video below:

The commenter said it would have left much less room for error if the driver backed their car in. 

But others weren’t so sure. 

“I’m killing myself laughing imagining the driver in this vid and the damage they’d do if they tried backing in instead,” they said. 

“They’d probably obliterate cars on either side and any vehicles across the way.” 



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