The news potential iPhone 16 buyers wanted to hear leaked in patent filing

It's an absolute game changer.
  • A patent filing leak for the new iPhone 16 lineup revealed some good news
  • It involves your overworked smartphone battery
  • The news concerns the entire iPhone 16 lineup


Published on Mar 27, 2024 at 8:10PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 2, 2024 at 6:58PM (UTC+4)

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A patent filing leak for the new iPhone 16 lineup has revealed good news for your overworked smartphone battery.

From contactless payments to cameras and calendars, our ever-growing reliance on smartphones means we depend on battery life more than ever, too.

However, a recent patent filing leak suggests the iPhone 16 lineup may have a significantly longer battery life than its predecessor

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The good news is this – the alleged upgrade won’t sacrifice the sleek design that draws many of us to the Apple iPhone.

A former Apple employee recently went viral as he revealed that there’s only one real way to save your iPhone’s battery.

The patent filed earlier this month was titled: ‘Battery Cells with Tabs at Right Angles’.

It outlines a clever design that could revolutionize iPhone battery capacity without increasing its size physically.

It involves a strategic placement of the battery’s connector tabs.

Previously they laid flat on the battery surface, however, the patent filing proposes a 90-degree angle.

This would create more space within the existing battery footprint.

The perpendicular tab arrangement might have the added benefit of improving battery efficiency.

Reducing resistance across the battery cell would allow the iPhone to get more power out of every charge.

Battery anxiety is a hot topic currently, as the new Nothing budget phone boasts a two-day battery life that’s set to rival Apple.

What’s more, Energizer has unveiled a phone with a battery that can ‘last for a whole week’ on a single charge.

It’s a bold claim, and massive if true.

Still, getting that into the iPhone 16 lineup before its expected September launch might be tight.

However, it’s a sign of the tech giant’s commitment to tackling problems around battery life.

Apple is yet to officially confirm the leak, but it’s got potential buyers of the iPhone 16 lineup excited.

Say goodbye to battery anxiety.

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