Man finds iPhone setting will give you ‘unlimited’ battery life

Apparently, the fool-proof iPhone setting makes your battery life 'unlimited'.
  • TikTok user @t_sply claims to have found an Phone setting that gives you ‘unlimited’ battery life
  • His clever hack means you’ll ‘never run out of juice’
  • While some online users were appreciative of his hack, others were more critical

Published on Nov 16, 2023 at 9:38PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 20, 2023 at 10:23PM (UTC+4)

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Apparent iPhone hack gives 'unlimited' battery life

There’s a phrase, ‘not all heroes wear capes’.

That’s particularly true of a man on TikTok, who claims to have found an Phone setting that gives you ‘unlimited’ battery life.

According to TikTok user, T-SPLY, his clever hack means you’ll ‘never run out of juice’.


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His hack might just come at the perfect time, seeing as iPhone users have been complaining that Apple’s latest update is ruining their phone.

What’s more, Apple also confirmed something all iPhone users say causes their device to slow down and lose battery.

Truth be told, T-SPLY stumbled across the supposed solution while browsing through the settings on his iPhone.

So, there’s a possibility that other iPhone users are aware of the hack.

However he decided to share his finding with the rest of the world.

He posted a step-by-step guide to achieving ‘unlimited cell phone battery’ on his TikTok account.

Firstly, you need to get to your iPhone’s settings, click on ‘Accessibility’ and then onto ‘Display & Text Size’.

If you scroll down the menu, you’ll find the ‘Reduce White Point’ toggle, which lessens the intensity of bright colors on your screen.

Once you’ve done that, a slider will then appear that indicates a percentage.

And, according to Marcus, the more intense you want battery saving to be, the higher the percentage.

If you play with the slider, you’ll soon see that your screen becomes visibly dimmer the higher the percentage.

It may make your battery last longer, but you’ll probably need to squint to read your messages.

You can, however, make it fractionally brighter by adjusting the brightness setting on your iPhone.

This is done by swiping down from the top of your screen and increasing the brightness level (the sun icon).

Marcus’ find is particularly useful when you’re winding down for the night, as it also helps adjust your eyes to the darkness.

What’s more, it’s ideal for people who aren’t a fan of the vibrancy of their phone screen when its ‘White Point’ is ramped up.

Some social media users were appreciative of T-SPLY’s hack, but – as is typical in this day and age – others were more critical/sarcastic.

“Well, I mean now I know how to use my phone at night if it’s still too bright for my eyes,” one user posted.

“I did it and now I can’t see anything,” one said.

“What’s the point? Then my phone is useless. Just like telling me not to use my phone, no battery will be wasted as well,” a third wrote.

You can’t please everyone, T-SPLY.

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