Check out Jacob & Co’s crazy $20m collection at Dubai Mall

An outstanding diamond ring worth $5 million, a swathe of Jacob x Bugatti watches and a love letter to Dubai: check out the new Jacob & Co Dubai Mall store.

by | Published on 2nd Feb 2023

Jacob & Co. gave us an exclusive glimpse into its new store at Dubai Mall.

It’s like Disneyland for ‘bling’ lovers, with over $20 million worth of watches and jewels.

Supercar Blondie’s Alex and Domi paid a visit – check it out.

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Let’s start with the ‘affordable’ items.

Domi had the chance to wear a gorgeous gold ring adorned with a 9-carat yellow diamond.

This one ‘only’ costs $500,000.


She nearly fainted when the price was revealed but that’s okay, because two seconds later she wearing another ring.

This chunky ring features a 30-carat emerald stone and is festooned with diamonds all around the green stone.

And this one costs $5 million.

Jacob & Co. watches

First and foremost, we have to start with the new Batman watch.

This watch is a collab between Jacob and DC, and it’s fitted with a twin triple-axis tourbillon.

This, by the way, is just about the most complicated thing to put on a watch.

Or just another day at the office for Jacob.

Only 36 pieces were made and this one’s the only one that’s still available – priced at $250,000.

Next, we’ve got the Bugatti Jean, named after Ettore Bugatti’s eldest son and inspired by the Type 57 from the 1930s.

Production is limited to 57 pieces, priced at $250,000.

We’re wrapping it up with a truly special timepiece.

Jacob & Co. teamed up with Bugatti to reveal a new timepiece every year and this is the first model.

At the 6 o’clock you’ve got a ‘fuel gauge’, which is actually the power reserve indicator.

On the lower side of the face there are two tourbillons, each representing a turbo.

This is also a chronograph: the lever located on the right-hand side of the dial allows you to regulate the timer.

After that, you can press the pusher on the left hand side so set a new lap time.

This timepiece is special and ultra-expensive – it retails for $800,000.

Unless you want the diamond version, in which case you have to be ready to fork out $1.3 million.

UAE Edition for Jacob & Co. Dubai Mall

This is a one-off, or pièce unique in watch jargon, created for the Jacob & Co. store at Dubai Mall.

Aptly named Jacob & Co. UAE Edition, it’s a tribute to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

More to the point, it is part of Jacob’s Art Astronomia collection, and it’s a way to showcase what you can do using an Astronomia as a blank canvas.

Name any color, material, or complication – and Jacob will do it for you.

Being a love letter to Dubai, this one features the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Emirates Palace on the dial.

It also has an incredible 288-facet diamond.

In order to craft this stone, Jacob actually had to cut a 4-carat diamond into a perfectly round shape.

It’s a patented technology invented by Jacob & Co.

And the price?

A timepiece like this will set you back $600,000.



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