Jeff Bezos’ superyacht is so massive it must be docked in special place away from other superyachts

It is so massive it doesn't fit the docks that 'regular' superyachts use
  • Koru, Jeff Bezos’ superyacht, measures 410 feet in length
  • It is so massive it doesn’t fit the docks that superyachts generally use
  • Koru is accompanied everywhere she goes by a shadow yacht named Abeona

Published on Dec 4, 2023 at 8:19PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 5, 2023 at 2:51PM (UTC+4)

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Jeff Bezos yacht, Koru, is currently docked at a US port and attracting quite a lot of attention.

More to the point, being able to see Koru in person for the first time made people realize just how massive it is.

Plus it’s wooden figurehead at its prow also got people talking.

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Koru is quite famous, partly because of her size, but chiefly because of the association with Bezos.

This 410-foot leviathan was built by Oceanco for the founder and CEO of Amazon, and it is absolutely gigantic.

The size became a major issue when it arrived in the US because the yacht is literally too big for the port in Florida where she is currently docked.

Koru is apparently 10 feet too long to be docked at Port Everglades, which also happens to be the biggest yacht port in South Florida.

After a couple of failed attempts, the authorities at Port Everglades gave up and decided there was only one drastic solution.

Since she’s too big to be docked next to other giant yachts, Koru has been docked between 600-foot oil tankers.

The $500 million superyacht is one of a kind.

It cost roughly $500 million to build and reportedly set Jeff Bezos back a whopping $140,000 per day to operate.

Like most yachts of this caliber, Koru also has a support yacht, or a shadow yacht, that follows her anywhere she goes.

She is called Abeona.

In yacht jargon, a shadow boat is essentially just a side boat designed to provide support for larger boats.

Despite ‘only’ being a shadow yacht, Abeona can accommodate 65 people, 45 passengers and 20 crew, and it still measures 246 feet, which is not exactly what you’d call small.

It is also definitely not what you’d call cheap.

Abeona cost $75 million to build, and you’re looking at a yearly running cost of at least $10 million.

Between that and the $40 million that Koru costs Bezos every year, the CEO of Amazon is essentially forking out $4.1 million a day (!) to maintain his yachts.

Still, with a net worth in excess of $169 billion, he can probably afford it.

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