Justin Bieber just bought the craziest Porsche ever

Justin Bieber seems to have acquired the only Porsche L'Art De L'Automobile in the world, a beautiful one-off finished in teal with matching wheel covers.

by | Published on 1st Mar 2023

Justin Bieber has just added another car to his crazy collection, and this one’s unusual to say the least.

One of one, Justin’s new Porsche is technically based on a 968 and made by an artist.

And it shows.

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Porsche calls it ‘L’Art’, partly because of the artistic inspiration for the car and also because it was made in partnership with L’Art De L’Automobile.

The 968 L’Art is painted in a unique shade of teal with matching rear wheels.

Inside, you’ll find Recaro seats, a Bose sound system, and a TAG Heuer stopwatch in the dashboard.

It looks awesome, doesn’t it?

Chiefly because it combines timeless design with modern touches.

So, the question is how much?

Porsche and L’Art De L’Automobile haven’t revealed a price tag for the Porsche but this being a one-off, you’re looking at a seven-figure sum.

Justin Bieber and his car collection

Justin Bieber certainly knows what he wants when it comes to his cars because most are heavily customized.

His crazy Rolls-Royce concept is a prime example.

Bieber fell in love with the 103EX, a one-off prototype that Rolls-Royce unveiled a few years ago.

That one is not for sale so Bieber bought a Wraith and had West Coast Customs modify it to look like the prototype.

The result is uncanny.

The pop star also owns a bright blue Ferrari that got him banned.

Ferrari doesn’t take kindly to customers who fiddle with its cars and Bieber hit the proverbial three strikes.

First, he painted it blue and altered the body with new body panels and a new badge.

Second, he once shared an Insta story ‘bragging’ about not remembering where he’d parked his car.

And third, he ignored the no-resale clause and auctioned the car off.



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