Kim Kardashian took fans inside her customized Mercedes with Maybach gear that may as well be a hotel room

  • It’s a Mercedes-Benz V-Class
  • Kim spent over $440,000 on this van
  • The van features Maybach customization throughout

Published on Nov 09, 2023 at 1:30 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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Kim Kardashian took fans inside her customized Mercedes with Maybach gear that may as well be a hotel room

Kim Kardashian treated us to a tour of her one-of-a-kind private jet on wheels.

It’s a Mercedes-Benz V-Class that’s been customized and it’s now worth a colossal amount of money.

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As a mother of four, Kim Kardashian decided she needed the ultimate ‘mom car’.

For regular people, this would be an average SUV, but she wanted to go the extra mile.

She employed the skills of celebrity car specialists Wires Only to find and customize her car.

“This is our biggest client,” RD Whittington, the owner of Wires Only, said. “Everything needs to be perfect.”

Once all the mods had been finished the car was presented to Kardashian for approval.

The van is kitted out with Maybach gear and is the first one in the US with this setup.

All together, this cost the media mogul $440,000.

The ceiling features lighting panels, the hue of which can be changed according to your mood.

Because no child should have to ride to school without experiencing a mini light show on the way.

The seats are all black leather with quilted detailing.

There are also luxurious pillows and an extra seat that can be folded out if needed.

In front of the partition, which can be frosted with the click of a button, is a huge TV screen.

Most would be satisfied with this level of luxury, but Kardashian had some notes.

“I just kind of want everything all gray,” she said.

Whittington dutifully loaded the van back into his truck to be completely overhauled again in shades of gray.

When you have customers like Jamie Foxx and Bad Bunny, you’re probably used to outrageous requests.

Does this mean the Kardashian kids will have to take the bus to school until the V-Class is ready?


Kim has four other Maybachs in her fleet.

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