You can still get a Lamborghini Countach at a ‘bargain’ price

$680,000 might not look like a bargain now, but it probably will before long.

by | Published on 7th Jul 2022

A pristine 1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV has sold at auction on Bring a Trailer for $680,000.

That much money might not look like a bargain right now, but it probably will before too long.

Offered with no reserve, the black-on-black Countach has just 8000km (4970 miles) on the clock.

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One of just 610 Quattrovalvole models made, it was kept in the same Michigan-based family since new, passing from husband to wife to son.

This particular car comes wearing all the right visual options: 15-inch OZ ‘phone dial’ wheels, a Euro-spec front bumper, and classic V-shaped rear wing.

The only real modification made is a custom exhaust system to let its glorious V12 engine sing.

Lamborghini Countach price

So how much is a Lamborghini Countach?

Although many already expect classic Lamborghini Countach examples to sell for close to – or more than – $1 million, the winning bid was just $680,000.

That figure came after 41,600 auction listing views and 46 bids being placed.


Commenters on Bring a Trailer were quick to note the great value the winning bidder got this car for.

“These cars seemed to have established themselves in the sixes and higher,” writes sds130.

“These will all be over $1 million, and soon!”

The price only gives the Lamborghini Countach classic seller more reason to be over the moon about the purchase, as it was one of their dream cars.

“I’ve been on the phone with the buyer, JeffMM, who told me this car fulfils a 40 year dream for him!” the seller said.

This is not the only recent case of a Countach selling for less than expected either.

A 25th Anniversary model like the one in The Wolf of Wall Street sold for ‘just’ $738,000 last month.

Lamborghini recently reintroduced the Countach with a limited-edition homage model based on the Sian.

However, all 112 examples have already sold, each costing $2.6 million.

Check out the all-new Countach in action here:



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