Spy shots give us unfiltered look at the Sterrato ahead of its official release

This is Lamborghini like you've never seen before.

by | Published on 22nd Nov 2022

The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato has been spied hitting the road outside the marque’s headquarters in Italy. 

While Lamborghini gave us a sneak peek at its first off-road supercar last week, the images were carefully edited to hide the new details. 

Now, ahead of its official reveal at Art Base Miami, the supercar has been spotted going for a spin in Sant-Agata, and the footage is giving us a totally unfiltered look.

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Spied by Varryx, the Sterrato is matte green, with red and black decals and a copper-colored bumper. 

Sitting atop the bumper, are some killer LED lights never seen before on a Lamborghini.


Around the side, the Sterrato is sporting huge front and rear fender flares, giving the car a super aggressive off-road appearance. 

The Sterrato also wears a roof scoop, a louvered rear engine cover, and two round exhaust tips. 

And it’s impossible to ignore the rails jutting out of the roof.

You can watch the spy video here:

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

The company has been teasing an off-road supercar for a while now.

However, until now, we were only given concept cars and prototypes

The Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato – which will officially debut on November 30, is based on an off-road Huracán concept from 2019.

It is taller and significantly wider than the standard Huracán.

Lamborghini hasn’t confirmed any details but the good news is the Huracán’s V10 is still there.

Expect a power output in excess of 600+ hp.

Also, this being an off-roader, expect a lot more torque than the standard Huracán can produce.

Lamborghini goes off-road

Lamborghini has made two off-roading vehicles in its history – the LM002 and the Urus.

Meanwhile, the Sterrato is an off-roader that is also a supercar.

You can definitely expect similar vehicles from Lamborghini’s rivals in the coming months.

In fact, Porsche has already announced an off-road-friendly sports car called the ‘911 Dakar’.



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