Millionaire drops $315,000 on the world’s most extravagant gender reveal

Instead of cutting a cake to reveal blue or pink filling, the couple decided to buy a new Lamborghini Urus and give it a makeover.

by | Published on 22nd May 2023

This property tycoon just dropped $315,000 (£250,000) on the world’s most extravagant baby gender reveal. 

For Steven Hamilton and his fiancée Isabella Rowles, money was no object when they planned their gender reveal party. 

Instead of cutting a cake to reveal blue or pink filling, the couple decided to buy a new Lamborghini Urus and give it a makeover.

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Six weeks before the big reveal, Hamilton delivered the new Urus to Yianni at Yiannimize ltd along with an unopened envelope revealing the gender of their unborn baby. 

And Yianni, who customizes cars for the rich and famous, got to work. 

Yianni not only wrapped the car according to the gender, he fitted it with a beautiful starlight ceiling usually unique to Rolls-Royce.

Once it was all specced out, Yianni delivered the car under the cover of darkness. 

He had it concealed it in a massive wooden box complete with a big red ribbon. 

Hamilton and his fiancée went all out for the reveal, inviting their friends and family to a luxe resort near Birmingham. 

They also commissioned professional photographers and videographers to capture the event. 

After a countdown, the box fell open and the Urus was revealed in a beautiful baby blue color with blue brake calipers to match.

The couple’s reaction to the news was beautiful.

“I had no preference, I didn’t want a boy or a girl anymore than the other,” Hamilton said. 

“But when I saw it was a boy, I think something came out inside me and I was like ‘yes!’ 

“I think if it was a girl, I would’ve been the same, we’ll never know though will we.”

Then Hamilton added “until the next one” suggesting they would do something equally extravagant to reveal the gender of their next baby. 

The reveal, including the wrap, the starlight roof, and the cost of the event, worked out to be almost $50,000 (£40,000). 

And that’s on top of the money they dropped for the new Lamborghini Urus.

You can watch the full video here:



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