LG’s ‘Alpha-able’ gives a look into the future of high-tech luxury cars

  • LG’s ‘Alpha-able’ was unveiled at CES 2024
  • The concept car is the brand’s take on the future of luxury mobility
  • It was pitched as a “personalized digital cave”

Published on Jan 16, 2024 at 6:19 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Jan 25, 2024 at 6:16 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Alessandro Renesis

LG’s ‘Alpha-able’ gives a look into the future of high-tech luxury cars

With screens as far as the eye can see, LG’s ‘Alpha-able’ was unveiled at CES 2024 – and the concept car is the brand’s take on the future of luxury mobility.

LG Electronics’ (LG) mobility concept was pitched as a “personalized digital cave”.

Dubbed “Alpha-able” (stylized as ‘αble’), it was developed in collaboration with global mobility tech company, Magna.

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And it wasn’t the only car at CES 2024 redefining futurism- like these new Honda EVs and this car being driven onto stage using a PlayStation 5 controller.

Three key themes underpinning the future mobility concept include being ‘transformable’, ‘explorable’, and ‘relaxed’.

In terms of being ‘transformable’, LG believes the interior should “physically transform to suit different situations or purposes; turning into a restaurant to dine, an office to work in, or even a movie theatre-on-wheels”.

Rollable, flexible, and transparent OLED displays adorn the concept car’s interior, displaying tailored information and content to allow passengers to unwind while on the go.

The αble recognizes hand gestures, which can be used to reveal a second OLED screen at the front.

It combines to offer passengers a wide and ultra-clear view of the outside, which A-pillars normally hinder.

When it comes to ‘explorable’, LG wants vehicles to “understand the unique context of each journey, factoring in travel destination, travel duration and other variables to realize a smarter journey complete with tailored content recommendations.”

The company believes artificial intelligence (AI) can assist in this, with voice assistants delivering relevant information and options – just like the mysterious Apple car concept.

Last, and certainly not least, LG wants passengers to ‘relax’

Heated massaging seats will certainly help alongside screens displaying a “beautiful virtual garden” and other calming scenes.

Want more? They even mentioned an “AI counseling session to help you unpack your day”.

With autonomous-driving capabilities, LG’s ‘Alpha-able’ allows its passengers to quite literally take the yoke-style steering wheel.

It’s hidden neatly within the center console when not in use.

Feeling competitive? Gaming screens drop from the ceiling to keep you and your fellow passengers entertained.

The αble’s headlights also double as projectors, meaning passengers can be entertained on larger walls or screens when stationary.

And if you need proof that everyday Life’s Good, the refrigerator should help.

Keeping groceries cold and fresh, it means you aren’t ruled by produce and don’t have to rush home from the store.

The most impressive tech has to be the LG’s ‘Alpha-able’ concierge service.

The robot-esque personal butler serves from the trunk.

Modules in the trunk slide down the center console to proffer passengers gaming controllers, drinks or whatever else they require.

The YouTube video below demos the tech beautifully:

Suggesting the intent to use of LG’s ‘Alpha-able’ as part of a fleet service, LG’s UV sterilizing technology cleans the αble’s insides once passengers leave.

The car concept could go into production by 2030, cementing the brand as a global electronics leader.


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