Top 10 concept cars from 2023

  • We break down the top 10 concept cars that have the tech, innovation and driving experience you’ve never seen before
  • From one car with moving skin to another that comes with augmented-reality tech and its own helicopter
  • 2023 was certainly a wild ride for automotive innovation

Published on Dec 27, 2023 at 2:41 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Dec 28, 2023 at 5:19 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Adam Gray

Top 10 concept cars from 2023

Concept cars are our bread and butter at Supercar Blondie.

So which are the models that really took our breath away?

Allow us to break down the top 10 concept cars that have the tech, innovation and driving experience that mean they’re pretty much just showing off.

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From the first multicolor-changing car to one of the most sustainable cars in the world – this is the nearest to a crystal ball you’ll get to take a peek into the future of cars.

10.  BMW iVision Dee

To kick off the countdown we have the world’s first multicolor-changing car.

It works by running different voltage programs through the paint.

The BMW i-Vision Dee is controlled using an app.

‘DEE’ is actually an acronym for ‘Digital Emotional Experience’ – and is an effort to embrace the emotional connection between humans and tech.

It uses the innovative E-Ink technology to not only change the color of the car to one of 32 shades, but also make emoji-type faces at the front of the car.

Its slick minimalistic design is paired with tech that switches the windscreen into a full-scale portal to a digital experience.

It also boasts interactive communication to intelligently respond to you and the car’s surroundings.

Check out Alex Hirshi, aka Supercar Blondie’s, review here.

9. Skoda Vision 7S

Alex flew to the Czech Republic to see one of the most unexpected concept drops of the year – the Skoda Vision 7S.

Skoda’s new 7-seater electric SUV is designed with families and their safety in mind.

It’s set for production in 2026, and expected to be priced at around $75,000.

It boasts a rotating infotainment screen, a drawing pad on the inside of its doors, and a magnetic iPhone holder on the seats.

It can even be started using your phone.

You can see Alex putting it through its paces here.

8. Nissan Hyper Force

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Alex was introduced to this all-electric, high-performance Nissan supercar.

Designed for racing enthusiasts, it uses an array of sensors and advanced LiDAR to ensure safety.

The electric sports car has puts out a massive 1,341bhp.

It doesn’t just look cool – it’s functional too – and Nissan hopes this is the future for the brand.

See Alex and Sergi Galiano getting a preview here.

7. Citroën Oli 

Next to Paris as Head of Concept Car and Advanced Design at Citroën, Pierre Sabas, shows Alex a car made out of cardboard.

Introducing the Citroen Oli.

The Oli is one of the most sustainable cars in the world

Made mostly of recycled lightweight materials, it only weighs 1000kg – but it’s stronger than metal.

Its radical design is also incredibly practical – and you can check it out with Alex here.

6. Mercedes Mondo G

Project Mondo G is a result of an ‘out of this world’ collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Moncler.

There’s no hiding the fact it looks like a G-Wagen cloaked in a puffer jacket.

However, this bold futuristic vision is actually what space-traveling vehicles could look like in the future.

It features gravity and air-purifying technology to allow astronauts to drive on the moon.

Its 9 ft 1 inch height and zip-open top makes traveling and disembarking on the moon much more comfortable.

Check out what Tuesday Le Roux thinks of it here.

5. Alpine Alpenglow

Alpine, the F1 racing team, have created this super unique, hydrogen-powered concept hypercar.

Alpenglow is a glimpse into the hydrogen-fuelled future of Alpine cars.

The one-seat design is inspired by the A220 endurance model from the 1960s.

It’s 5 meters long, over 2 meters wide, and less than 1 meter tall.

With a design taking inspiration from the elements in the Alps, the one-of-a-kind concept car features the world’s only ‘cosmic dust’ headlights to mimic flying through space.

See Alex giving it the once over in London here.

4. Lancia Pu-Ra HPE

When Alex says this is “one of the most futuristic concepts I’ve seen this year” – you know you need to check out the Lancia Pu-Ra HPE.

Pu+Ra HPE draws inspiration from 1970s Lancia models Stratos and Beta HPE.

It’s 100 percent electric with a range of over 700 kilometers (434 miles) and fast-charging capability.

This ultra-futuristic, self-driving concept car has enormous displays, augmented reality and an incredible interior.

It boasts AI SALA (Sound, Air, Light and Augmentation) technology inside.

Wrap-around lighting helps set the mood of your drive – you can go from comforting ‘wellness’ to ‘energize’ with a soundtrack to match.

Watch Alex check out the first Lancia we’ve ever featured on Supercar Blondie.

3. Porsche Mission X

Porsche fans rejoice, Mission X represents Porsche’s vision for a track-focused, lightweight hypercar.

Alex describes it as “the hyper car of your dreams”.

In fact, its Porsche’s first true hypercar – and it’s fully electric.

Porsche is yet to decide whether to put this new hypercar into production.

However, if they do, it would be the successor of the 918 Spyder.

It will have more power than it’s own weight.

Check Alex visiting Paris to see it first here.

2. BMW Gina

Think you’ve seen it all here at Supercar Blondie? Think again.

The BMW Gina concept has moving skin – seriously.

The BMW Gina is the world’s only car with a full fabric exterior.

It can shapeshift thanks to innovative fabric flexibility and its adaptive mechanical frame.

It reveals hidden headlights and even a beneath-the-surface ‘ribcage’, as the bonnet splits to show its V8.

See Sergi having his mind blown here.

1. Audi ActiveSphere

Sergi visited the mountains of Austria to discover the Audi Activesphere.

The fourth ‘Sphere model’, this fully electric vehicle has a range of over 600 kilometers (372 miles).

With its advanced charging system, 10 minutes of charging gives over 300 kilometers (186 miles) of range.

Plus it turns from pickup to SUV in seconds.

But its stats aren’t its coolest features.

Its mixed-reality goggles give users a truly futuristic driving experience with a virtual gauge cluster – and yes, the helicopter comes with it.

See Sergi immersing himself in this unprecedented driving experience here.


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