The 3 best MagSafe accessories for iPhone 13/13 Pro

by | Apr 10, 2022 - 8:00AM | Lifestyle, Tech

So you’ve just bought yourself a brand-new iPhone 13. Well done, you’re a part of the club, but now you need some cool accessories for it – and MagSafe is definitely the way to go.

Before we get into the accessories, what is MagSafe and why should you care about it?

Well, this is Apple’s new way of charging which sees the addition of magnets to the rear of the device, but these can also be used for some cool accessories. 

Here are the ones you should have on your radar: 

Anker MagSafe power bank

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Most people carry around an external power bank just in case they run out of juice on the go, but wires are so old-fashioned.

This is why we would recommend a MagSafe one that works using the magnets in the back of your iPhone 13.

Apple makes one called the MagSafe battery pack which retails for $99.

You can also pick one up from Anker for under $50.

Not only is the Anker MagSafe battery pack cheaper but it also has a larger capacity and a kickstand so you can watch a movie on the go or scroll through TikToks with ease.

Apple’s MagSafe charger 

As we mentioned above, using wires to charge your phone is a thing of the past.

An official Apple MagSafe charger is the future. It retails for about $30 and is the best way to charge your iPhone.

It simply clips onto the back of your device and charges it – meaning no wires get in the way because nothing is connected directly to the phone’s charging port.

Apple MagSafe wallet 

Another outdated concept is the idea of carrying around a wallet, so why not have one attached to your iPhone.

The Apple MagSafe wallet is quite pricey at $50, but it’s nifty. It simply clips onto the back of your iPhone and can hold up to three cards.

It fits to the back of all iPhone 13 models and is the perfect companion for your everyday shopping needs.

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