Insane $50 million concept mansion for Lionel Messi revealed and it’s spectacular

Dubbed the Messi Mansion in Miami, this $50 million concept house was designed for Lionel Messi and it has a soccer pitch and THREE helipads.

by | Published on 24th Aug 2023

Lionel Messi lives in a $5 million penthouse in Miami and most of us would call that ‘good enough’.

Mind you, Miami-based architect Jose Veliz thinks he can do better, and has designed a crazy $50 million mansion specifically for the star.

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Dubbed Messi Mansion in Miami, the conceptual architectural project takes inspiration from Lionel Messi’s logo.

The iconic ‘M’ shape is clearly visible from the sky, proudly displayed on the roof of the three-story mansion, and it defines the shape of the entire house.

The ‘Messi Mansion’ has five swimming pools in total, a soccer pitch, a tennis court, three helipads and a large dock for Messi’s yachts.

It also features a sizable car garage and a beautiful garden on the rooftop.

This being Miami, the mansion is adorned with palm trees.

Inside, you’ve got game rooms, a party room, and a home theater.

Lionel Messi is having a tremendous impact in the US after joining David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner helped Inter Miami win their first-ever title, scoring 10 goals in eight games.

Inter Miami’s value has skyrocketed since Messi joined.

David Beckham bought Inter Miami for ‘just’ $25 million just a few years ago, and the club is now valued at around $700 million.

And then of course, this being 2023, we’ve got to bear in mind the ‘Instagram index’.

Inter Miami gained over 10 million followers on Instagram in just 24 hours after signing Lionel Messi.

The club has 14.5 million followers on Instagram now, more than any other MLS franchise.



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