Inside Lizzo’s $15 million treehouse in the Beverly Hills mountains

Published on Dec 08, 2022 at 12:24 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

Last updated on Dec 08, 2022 at 12:24 PM (UTC+4)
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Inside Lizzo’s $15 million treehouse in the Beverly Hills mountains

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, AKA Lizzo, shot to fame in 2019 with her hit single Juice

Today, the 34-year-old Grammy-winning pop star is worth an estimated $12 million. 

And that wealth affords her some of life’s true luxuries, including this multimillion-dollar home in the mountains above Beverly Hills.

The home, which used to be owned by Harry Styles, is a modernist masterpiece surrounded by oak trees.

It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two powder rooms, and an incredible open-air atrium that serves as the heart of the home.


The mansion has been designed to bring the outside in, with huge windows looking out onto the lush green gardens.

The expansive windows allow natural light to seep into all areas of the home including the ultra-modern dining and living rooms.

Lizzo’s house is also an entertainer’s dream, with multiple outdoor decks and a 58-foot infinity pool.

Speaking of the infinity pool, the water flows from the pool down over the master bedroom – creating a waterfall effect.  

And for quiet nights in, Lizzo’s house has a soundproof movie theater. 

The master suite is, as you would expect, fit for pop royalty. 

Lizzo’s house – master suite

The 1000-square-foot suite has a floor-to-ceiling marble slab wall dividing the bedroom and bathroom. 

The bedroom has a soapstone fireplace and the bathroom has a massive concrete tub. 

The 5,300-square-foot home was renovated by Simo Design in 2019 before it was sold to the Truth Hurts and About Damn Time singer for $15 million in 2022. 

People’s Choice Awards

Lizzo was recognized at the People’s Choice Awards this week.

The singer and body positivity advocate was awarded the People’s Champion award for her impact on the music industry.

Lizzo’s mother was introduced by her mother Shari Johnson-Jefferson who thanked her daughter for showing “us all that we don’t have to conform to anyone’s standards in order to be happy, to be creative and to feel worthy”.

Instead of accepting the award herself, Lizzo asked 17 different activists to accept it in her honor.


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