Logan Paul apologizes over his failed crypto project

Logan Paul also promised to 'make things right' after fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla called him out.

by | Published on 11th Jan 2023

Celebrity YouTuber Logan Paul has apologized for his failed crypto project ‘CryptoZoo’.

The 27-year-old YouTube star took responsibility for the failure and said he wanted to “make this right”.

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The whole saga started after fellow YouTube star Coffeezilla posted a three-part video series about the failed project, calling it a ‘scam’.

Coffeezilla, a crypto scam investigator, accused Logan Paul of essentially ‘running away’ with the money investors spent on his failed project.


Logan Paul initially released a video addressing Coffeezilla’s accusations, and threatening a lawsuit.

However, the video backfired and users flooded the comment section with negative feedback, claiming Paul’s response just made things worse.

Paul eventually deleted the video and apologized to his fans and Coffeezilla.

Logan Paul first mentioned ‘CryptoZoo’ in 2021 in an episode of his podcast ‘Impaulsive’.

The project was designed to incorporate a cryptocurrency called $ZOO and animal NFT images.

Logan Paul said he spent around $1 million developing the project before seemingly abandoning it.

However, Coffeezilla’s blockchain research shows Logan Paul fans invested at least $6 million in the failed project.

Since his YouTube video is no longer available, users took to Twitter to voice their anger.

“Twitter after finding out that Logan Paul is a genuinely horrible person for the 64936829th time,” one user said.

Count Dankula tweeted: “What is it with Logan Paul having some f***ed up controversy at the start of every year?”

Fellow YouTube star Jabroney said he believed something similar would happen again.

He also commented on Logan Paul’s pet pig, who was recently found abandoned in a field.

The CryptoZoo website is still online at the time of writing.



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