Images reveal luxurious car-inspired interior of new space capsule

A 20-mile trip above the sky, anyone?
  • HALO Space revealed the Aurora space capsule
  • Designed by Frank Stephenson, it has a luxurious interior
  • When the startup begins operations, you could be able to take a trip to space in it

Published on Apr 16, 2024 at 11:30AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 16, 2024 at 7:18PM (UTC+4)

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space capsule aurora capsule halo space
HALO Space

A Spanish startup revealed its latest creation — the Aurora capsule — which is a space capsule that will let you take a trip to the heavens.

That startup, HALO Space, is entering the near-space balloon flight industry using the unusual capsule.

It worked with designer Frank Stephenson to create a space capsule that is brimming with luxury, yet still minimalist.

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Stephenson has previously worked with Ferrari, McLaren, and Maserati to create interior designs for cars.

And his latest creation — the Aurora capsule’s interior — gives us a futuristic space pod.

It has spacious seating and an ambient environment to give passengers the best experience while they travel to Earth’s stratosphere.

Moreover, the space capsule looks oddly similar to the space pods in sci-fi movies.

Coming to the space capsule’s design, HALO Space wants its passengers to actually get what they see.

The seats in the Aurora capsule will not be like first-class seats like those in the world’s largest private jet.

However, the Spanish startup assures that they will be pleasant enough.

Similarly, Aurora’s construction will include carbon fiber and other materials to ensure the capsule remains lightweight while being durable.

HALO Space has its eyes set on providing its passengers with the best luxury space experience.

To achieve this, Stephenson designed the interior with expansive windows so you can peek at the entirety of space outside.

“The sense of luxury comes from good design: from material quality and tactility, fit and finish, sewing patterns, lighting and even the scent in the capsule,” Stephenson told Robb Report.

The Spanish startup is certainly not the first company to engage in space tourism.

Only recently, Virgin Galactic sent out its first space tourists into orbit for a space trip.

If you choose to take a trip to space, you will have a seat among the eight total seats in a circular layout.

The space capsule journey will take up to six hours, taking you 20 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Now, that’s something.

Unlike astronauts who travel to space for missions, this will be a relatively shorter journey.

However, this trip isn’t your average flight to another country.

A luxury trip like no other comes with an astronomical cost.

You will need to shell out $150,000 for this journey.

Imagine being in a futuristic space capsule and looking out into the endless darkness.

The startup wants to commence commercial operations as early as 2026.

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