Man discovers very strange find while scuba diving in the river

This turned out to be a total train wreck... Literally.
  • A YouTuber found a train wreck in a river
  • He found a mysterious object floating in it
  • Fans are weighing in on what it might be

Published on Nov 24, 2023 at 8:20PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 24, 2023 at 8:20PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones
SLAV's ADVENTURES / YouTube - NOOA / Unsplash

A YouTuber went scuba diving and found way more than he bargained for.

Slav of SLAV’s ADVENTURES has a reputation for finding weird things while magnet fishing.

He’s discovered everything from a MacBook to a whole plane underwater.

But a recent diving trip left him and his fans scratching their heads.

And feeling a little freaked out.

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Slav headed to a local river to chase up on a story he’d heard.

Apparently there used to be a railroad nearby, which had to close after a tragic crash.

“A train was derailed and this massive train fell into the river,” Slav said.

While most people would be happy to hear a story like this and move on with their lives, Slav is not most people.

Like any YouTuber worth their salt, he’ll do anything for the content.

So he hired some scuba gear and went scuba diving to fact-check the story.

He and his friend started trawling through the river searching for clues of an abandoned train.

At first, they found nothing but sand and rocks.

The two were almost ready to give up when they spotted a dark figure in the distance.

It turns out the legend was true, and a train had indeed crashed into the river.

Slav decided to go inside to see what he could find.

The carriage had clearly been at the bottom of the river for years as it was covered in rust.

At first, there was nothing noteworthy to see, but then Slav spied something floating in the corner of the carriage.

What exactly the ‘something’ was is up for debate.

Slav had to leave the wreck because the water had become too cold, so his fans were left to play detective.

“It’s a skull that you found,” one commenter said.

“I think it’s something like a gasmask,” another said.

Whatever it was, Slav was too freaked out to bring it back up to the surface with him.

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