Man shares how he turned ‘beat-up’ Mercedes SL550 into a ‘supercar’

The entire project cost under $12,000.

  • This TikToker transformed his Mercedes SL550 into a ‘supercar’
  • He did it all for under $12,000
  • The bright yellow wrap is just the beginning of the edits he made


Published on Feb 16, 2024 at 4:00PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Feb 16, 2024 at 8:10PM (UTC+4)

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No supercar budget? No problem. This TikToker transformed his Mercedes SL550 into a ‘supercar’.

And he did it all for under $12,000.

It’s an upgraded engine – bright it’s the yellow wrap that’s the true key to its glow up.

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Popular Tiktoker, Grant Sloan, has a bio that says it all: “Just Building Cars n’ Stuff” at his apparent location of ‘Motor City’.

With an upgraded engine, custom headlights and the eye-catching yellow wrap – it may come as a surprise that the entire project came in at under $12,000.

Sloan has revealed to his 516.3K followers that the Mercedes SL550 set him back $8,000.

The battered Mercedes had done 140,000 miles and has a 5.5L V8 engine.

It’s a great engine, made rare by the fact that Mercedes is now focusing on electric and hybrid powertrains.

Aesthetically, a huge key mark sat on the right rear with its white paint crying out for attention.

Meanwhile the wrap, which covered most of the issues in the wrap after covering the key marks in paint and sanding them down, came in at $400.

Fixing the rest of the car cost an additional $3,600.

Despite yellow accounting for just 1 percent of US car sales, this shade, picked by Sloan’s girlfriend is simply perfect.

Aside from the new shade, the car’s trims were repainted black and it was also treated to customized headlights, new fog lights and brake lights.

What’s more it got a set of wheels, grill, tires and splitters.

At the rear, the back bumper’s trim was replaced with a carbon fiber diffuser.

The TikToker’s transformation has over a million views.

And the comments were full of ideas of what he could do next.


Lots of parts came in this week🫣 mercedes supercar carbuild

♬ die (sped up) – lucidbeatz & key kelly

“Put a V12 twin turbo in it,” said one.

“Brown leather seats with matching dashboard and steering wheels would kill it,” said a second.

Bolder requests including asking Grant to add an exhaust such as “the SLR 722” or a fresh spoiler.

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