Ultra-rare Maybach Exelero’s legacy continued with lesser known successor

  • The Stola Phalcon was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007
  • The company wanted to create a more popular successor to the Maybach Exelero
  • It featured a Mercedes-Benz V12 engine


Published on Jun 09, 2024 at 10:52 AM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

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The legacy of the ultra-rare Maybach Exelero continues with its lesser-known successor, the Stola Phalcon.

This car was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007.

With a 2-door coupe, the Phalcon had a design similar to its predecessor.

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Stola Phalcon: A rare luxury car of its time

By creating the Stola Phalcon, the company wanted to recreate a more popular successor of the Maybach Exelero.

This new model featured the latest Mercedes-Benz V12 engine, producing 700 horsepower.

Such striking power made the car a powerful beast of its time, reaching a top speed of around 217 mph (350 km/h).

The car, which measures 5.89 by 2.14 meters, was built on the Maybach 57 platform and assembled by Stola in Turin.

With a windshield that extended all the way to the back, the Stola Phalcon’s looks were incomparable.

Its beauty can still compete with the most luxurious car of the current time.

But unfortunately, the Stola Phalcon project didn’t turn out to be a success.

The Phalcon was intended to be a limited production car, with plans to produce just 25 units.

Presumably, every car collector would have wanted one if it had reached where it wanted to be.

Similarly, the project never took off, and the prototype remains a rare sight.

While the car failed to achieve the success of its predecessor the Maybach Exelero, its history gives it a unique place as a luxury car.

The legacy of the Maybach Exelero

So, where does the Stola Phalcon’s inspiration come from?

Well, the Maybach Exelero was launched in 2005 and was commissioned by Fulda to test their new tires.

The car gained fame in popular culture, being purchased by rapper Birdman for $8 million and also featured in Jay-Z’s music video ‘Lost One.’

Its appearance in the popular TV anime Nisekoi and on Supercar Blondie’s YouTube channel makes it even more exceptional.

And today, it’s a part of the Friedhelm Loh collection in a German museum.


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