$2m McLaren Senna that was hoisted into a multimillionaire’s penthouse is now the world’s most beautiful ‘decoration’

The owner just posted photos of the hypercar in its new home, and it's stunning.

Published on Oct 12, 2023 at 10:46AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 13, 2023 at 10:12AM (UTC+4)

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Adrian Portelli McLaren Senna hoisted into penthouse apartment in Melbourne

Remember when a multimillionaire hoisted a $2m McLaren Senna into his penthouse apartment?

It had literally hundreds of people out on the streets of Melbourne, Australia watching as it was craned into his penthouse apartment on the 57th floor.  

Well, now the Senna is all set up in its new home and it’s possibly the best (and most expensive) ‘decoration’ you could imagine.

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The owner is 34-year-old Australian businessman Adrian Portelli.

He just bought the penthouse in the Sapphire building for an eye-watering $39 million and it’s said to be the most expensive apartment in the city.

Portelli said he only bought the penthouse on the condition that he get his beloved supercar inside.

“I’m like, if I buy the penthouse, I want to get a car up there, and they’re like ‘alright leave it to us’ and they got it done… it was part of the package,” he told local news.

Got it done they did, but it wasn’t a straightforward project.

To get the car up there, they needed to deconstruct the side of the building and take out several windows.

Once it got to the top floor, a crew was positioned on a specially constructed platform ready to grab it and position it inside.

The $2 million hypercar is now sitting pretty on a turn table overlooking the city.

And according to the photo Portelli posted to his socials today, he’s also given it a total makeover.

Once white, orange, and black with huge decals, the McLaren Senna is now painted all gold.

And it fits seamlessly with the super luxurious aesthetics of the apartment.

And for anyone who might be cringing at the fact this powerful car is now serving its life as an ornament, save your tears because it can’t be registered.

“It’s a racecar so you can’t register it on the street, so it was just sitting in a factory,” Portelli said of the car’s previous life.

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