Men took their old Ford to a dealer and the mechanics admitted to having never seen anything like it

  • Two men drove their old Ford to a dealership
  • It was a Ford Model T
  • The car is 109 years old

Published on May 29, 2024 at 4:20 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on May 31, 2024 at 7:25 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Tom Wood

What happens when you take a Ford Model T, which is a model from 109 years ago, to a Ford dealership?

It sounds like an unusual idea that wouldn’t make anyone awkward, doesn’t it?

Well, someone did it — and it was an adventurous ride, to say the least.

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Two men, who also happen to have a YouTube channel called TFLclassics, had a Model T which they made a video about.

Since they are car enthusiasts, having a classic car with them makes complete sense.

But to take it out on the roads is another thing.

To get it serviced, they had to make the 45-minute drive to Brighton, United Kingdom.

That isn’t usually an issue with most modern cars, even Ford models like the F-150.

But when it comes to a century-old car, you have to be sure that it will survive the drive.

The Model T apparently had ‘heating issues’ where the radiator would overheat and the car would stop.

Now, these guys claim they know how to use a wrench, and did some pre-drive service themselves.

They cleaned the radiator and the valves and gave the car a proper ‘manual’ start before departing.

What’s interesting is that the Ford Model T can go up to 20 mph and that ‘high speed’ can be dangerous on highways.

For absolutely different reasons, of course.

After a very seat-gripping wait, they traveled ‘tens of miles’ to the Ford dealership in Brighton.

Upon reaching the dealership, it’s revealed that no mechanic there had ever worked on a Ford car this old.

But there was Ray, who had also not worked on any model dating earlier than the 1960s, who was excited to work on this classic.

The first thing that Ray wanted was to take ‘this beaut’ for a spin, and after due warnings that it was not like any other car, he drove it around.

It was truly a wholesome moment.

After letting the dealership work on the car for a few hours, the duo returned to check for improvements.

Spoiler alert – they thought it was a whole new car.

The Ford Model T was well-serviced now, and ready to roll again.

Moreover, the dealership’s service manager recommended the guys change the car’s tires and get the windshield replaced.

In the era of hypercars and high-performance supercars, it’s a pleasure to watch car enthusiasts dedicate their time to a classic like the Model T.


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