Miami will be home to America’s first Mercedes-Benz residential tower

It will be one of the largest buildings in Florida.
  • This is the first Mercedes-Benz Places tower in the US
  • It offers over 700 apartments, office space, and even a hotel
  • It is one of the largest properties in Florida

Published on Mar 1, 2024 at 4:18PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 1, 2024 at 9:26PM (UTC+4)

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Mercedes-Benz is the latest car manufacturer to branch out into the real estate sector with the new Mercedes-Benz Tower, also known as Mercedes-Benz Places.

This is their first skyscraper, located in Miami, and the attention to detail is exactly what you’d expect from the three-point star brand.

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Located at 1 Southside Park in Brickell, the financial center of Miami, Mercedes-Benz Places is a 67-story mixed-use building.

It spans across 2.5 million square feet in total, making it one of the largest real estate projects in Florida.

It features 791 homes, ranging from $550,000 studios to three-bedroom penthouses starting at $4 million.

In addition to that, the Mercedes-Benz Tower also offers office space, fitness and health facilities, a 174-room hotel and retail space.

An additional 130,000+ square feet will be allocated for ‘amenities’, according to Mercedes-Benz.

The massive cube-shaped tower will sport Mercedes’ signature silver color, and there’ll be an ginormous Mercedes-Benz logo at the building’s entrance.

The company aims to complete the building within a decade, with occupancy planned to start in 2027.

From the Porsche Tower in Miami, the one Lionel Messi calls home, to the Aston Martin residence, car manufacturers interest in the real estate market is growing at a fast pace.

Even Lamborghini is having a go at it, with an amazing real estate project in the south of Spain.

Located in Costa del Sol in the south of Spain, the homes are perched on the hills above Benahavis in Andalusia, and they look absolutely stunning.

They obviously don’t do it alone, for example Mercedes teamed up with JDS Development Group for this tower, but the result is always quite stunning.

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