MrBeast announces his biggest video ever, costing millions

If you thought his Squid Game video was big, MrBeast's next video will be even bigger – and it's costing millions to create.

by | Published on 17th Aug 2023

YouTuber MrBeast pumps an outrageous amount of money into his viral videos.

The more popular he’s become in recent years, the more he’s spent on producing his content.

And now he’s teased his next video as his biggest ever, costing millions to create.

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Apparently, his next video will be bigger than his Squid Game recreation, which was almost an exact replica of the Netflix hit show.

That particular video earned him the title for the fastest non-music video to reach 100 million views on the platform.

But MrBeast isn’t resting on his laurels.

“Next Saturday’s video I had a subscriber from every country on earth compete in my own version of Extreme Olympics…” he tweeted.

“The sets are 2x bigger than our Squid Game sets and it’s my biggest video ever.”

The YouTube star also included several screenshots, showing the enormous size of the sets.

As for how much it cost, MrBeast revealed that the budget for the video was more than $4 million.

One thing’s for sure, MrBeast doesn’t lack ambition, nor does he lack the money to create such epic content. 

But his personal wealth may soon take a hit, as the YouTube star recently got himself muddled up in a lawsuit after making alledged “disparaging” comments towards Virtual Dining Concepts.

The company behind his Beast Burger restaurants is claiming damages from his comments exceed $100 million.

MrBeast has made a name for himself by fulfilling increasingly crazy acts of kindness.

It costs him a lot of money to do but makes him more.

As such, he’s become one of, if not the most, well-known YouTubers in the industry.



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