Neom and ‘The Line’ map shows the enormity of the giga-project

Witness the true scale of the multi-billion dollar project.
  • Check out the continental map for the futuristic Neom giga-project in Saudi Arabia
  • The project’s biggest attraction ‘The Line’, stretches 160 kilometers
  • The special economic zone of the city sits at the crossroads of three continents

Published on Feb 20, 2024 at 5:05PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 1, 2024 at 1:40PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

The futuristic Neom mega-project and its flagship region ‘The Line’ are enormous in scale.

However, numbers and concept videos cannot show the true scale of the project quite as clearly as a map.

The Neom giga-project will consist of 10 different regions.

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These regions will include a floating industrial complex, a global trade hub, tourist resorts, and a linear city dubbed ‘The Line’ powered by renewable energy sources.

Each region will have its unique specialties and attractions.

Check out our guide to all the regions of Neom if you want to know more.

The site chosen for the futuristic giga-project is 26,500 sq km (10,200 sq mi) wide – almost the size of Belgium.

It is located in the northwestern Tabuk Province of Saudi Arabia.

The special economic zone of Neom sits at the crossroads of three continents, making it more accessible.

The city is located north of the Red Sea, east of Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba, and south of Jordan.

Other than the 10 different regions, the city will also feature a skyscraper as tall as the Eiffel Tower to be built in Saudi Arabia’s desert ski resort.

The $800 billion project’s biggest attraction is ‘The Line’, a linear city stretching 160 kilometers.

However, many experts have expressed skepticism about the ambitions of the giga-project.

Neom’s official YouTube channel did share a progress video of the ongoing projects in October 2023.

While progress has been made, most of the project area remains a bare desert.

The varied topography of the region remains one of the key highlights for tourism, but a challenge for development.

Visual updates of the project are being posted online.

The latest drone images show the extent of the ‘Sindalah’ and ‘Oxagon’ regions joining ‘The Line’ in Saudi Arabia.

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