NSX parked in garage for 30 years is still in good condition and ready to roll again

Would you buy it?
  • A 1992 Acura NSX has been sitting in a garage for 30 years
  • The owner now wants to sell it
  • The broker believes it is in great condition

Published on Apr 17, 2024 at 12:49PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 17, 2024 at 7:26PM (UTC+4)

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nsx 1992 acura nsx parked in garage

A 1992 Acura NSX recently came out from hiding after 30 years, and it looks in great condition to get on the road again.

The owner of the NSX kept the car parked in a heated garage for three decades to preserve it.

But did it stay that way?

Well, there’s a story behind this particular NSX that is worthy of a documentary.

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This isn’t the only NSX with an interesting story, though.

How about the story of this man who found another NSX with a hypersonic jet interior rotting in the woods?

But, we digress.

So, how did this one end up there, and why is it out now?

It all began three decades ago when an Acura fan in Pennsylvania bought a 1991 NSX.

During routine maintenance, a service worker decided to take the gorgeous car for a spin – a ‘test drive’ if you will.

However, the service worker crashed it.

The Acura dealership decided to replace the 1991 model with a white 1992 Acura NSX, as per Road & Track.

But why did the owner store it in a garage for so long?

They couldn’t manage to get it insured at the price they wanted, so they decided to preserve it for themselves.

Since then, the precious car has been sitting behind a barn in a heating garage.

And now, the owner enlisted the help of a friend, Joe Feller, to sell the car.

The 1992 NSX sits completely covered under 30 years of dust.

There are signs of mold in the interior, too.

But Feller says that once the car goes through a thorough cleaning, it will be ready to roll once again.

If it does, it would likely sell for six figures because it only has just above 2,000 miles clocked.

It would be a great deal for the next owner, as it houses the original Yokohama tires, which the brand discontinued.

However, it seems uncertain whether the car will run like day one even after it has a good bath.

After all, who knows what happened to everything under the hood, and if it needs any fixes?

No-one can really tell what happens to abandoned cars as the years pass, even if they have remained in isolation.

However, there’s a chance that this NSX will hit the roads again.

The owner even kept the entire kit unopened — the original paperwork, manuals, and brochures.

If you want to take a gamble on this NSX, Feller is selling the car on Facebook.

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