Overland-E Gen2 is the all-terrain, all-purpose vehicle you’ve been waiting for

It's incredible off-roader you can drive from Downtown LA to the Mojave desert.

by | Published on 25th Mar 2022

The first two questions you might want to ask are; what is this, and what is it for?

This is the Overland-E Gen 2, an air-cooled, VW Beetle-based all-terrain vehicle that looks like somebody threw a Caterham and a Beach Buggy into a blender.

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According to Overland’s co-founder Arron Rawding, the Gen2 is available both as a two- and four-wheel drive vehicle, with a range of 750 miles. Yup, seven hundred and fifty.

The company added that the Overland-E Gen2 will be offered with two drastically different trim levels: Urban and Explorer.

With the Urban, you’ll get a relatively civilised, relatively well-equipped fun vehicle that you can actually drive around town – mainly because it has a coupe-style body and a full interior.

The Explorer, on the other hand, is a rough, tough, adventure-over-anything open-top vehicle with waterproof interior, night vision headlamps and a winch.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we know, because Overland hasn’t said anything about pricing, power or availability.

Going by looks alone, we’re excited.




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