Police officer shows off incredible motorcycle control during extremely difficult speed test

A walk in the park for this officer.

by | Published on 30th Aug 2023

An Instagram video featuring a police officer successfully completing an incredibly challenging motorcycle speed test is going viral.

The clip, which is leaving viewers in awe, showcases police officer Robert Grimsley’s exceptional control as he skillfully navigates through a series of tight turns at a slow speed.

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The video, posted by Brad McKnight III, shows Robert Grimsley participating in the speed course while riding a Harley-Davidson Road Glide model. 

The test was part of the 44th Annual Mid-Atlantic Police Motorcycle Riding Committee event.

The extremely difficult course is designed to put a policeman’s motorcycle skills to the test, encompassing agility, speed control, and handling challenges.

Remarkably, despite handling such a weighty vehicle, the skilled driver completed the challenging speed test with apparent ease.

The driver was able to navigate through a series of u-turns, tight corners, and number eight maneuvers without displacing a single cone. 

This performance is particularly impressive when you consider the average Harley-Davidson Police Glide weighs around 882 lbs – or 400 kg.

The excellent driving skills of Robert Grimsley garnered positive feedback in the comments too.

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“I would have failed at the first left turn,” one user commented.

“To be honest, I’m not sure I could’ve walked the same route without knocking over a cone… well done,” a second admitted.

“Just in case you need to navigate an IKEA,” another joked.

It’s safe to say this skilled driver is a beast behind the handlebars. 

Criminals take note: whether it’s on the streets or in IKEA, you won’t be able to outrun this policeman easily.



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