Porsche will now sell you a roof tent so you can go camping with your 911

Published on Sep 13, 2022 at 1:51 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Porsche will now sell you a roof tent so you can go camping with your 911

Porsche is now selling a roof tent for its cars and believe it or not, it can be fitted to the 911.

The 911 might not be the first car that comes to mind when you think of going camping, but this shows just how versatile the German sports car really is.

It’s easy to picture the scene – driving your 911 along the coast, you take a detour and set up camp in the woods. Outstanding.

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The roof was developed at Porsche’s Weissach Center, which is the same facility where hardcore Porsche models are built.

The hardcase design can be installed on the roof of all Porsche models excluding the 718.

So that means you can use it with your Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, Taycan, and yes, even the 911.

It features two side windows and a roof window, and it has enough room for two people.

Once you open it, the tent reveals a sizeable bed with a comfy mattress measuring 210cm by 130cm.

The mattress is made from polyfoam while the rest of the tent is made from cotton, and they’re both water resistant.

And the price? It costs €4,980, or $5,052 at the current exchange rate.


About the Porsche 911

The 911 is, by far, the most important Porsche in the history of the brand.

It was first designed in the late 1950s by Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche, the grandson of the company’s founder also named Ferdinand.

The first production model was launched in 1964.

Since then, Porsche has sold over one million units across eight generations.

The company has also produced a long list of derivative cars, including the GT3 and GT2 series, the Turbo series, and the Speedster.

Porsche has also made coupe, convertible, and targa versions of the 911.

However, it never changed the original recipe: a flat-six engine mounted right at the back of the car.

And with that knowledge in mind, you can test just how much you know about the brand with this quiz we created.

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